2010 NFL Draft: Tim Tebow's Likely Landing Spot—The New England Patriots

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2010 NFL Draft: Tim Tebow's Likely Landing Spot—The New England Patriots
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I will admit that I thought in the beginning that the Jacksonville Jaguars would pick Tim Tebow in the first round with their assigned pick or by trading down. 

I was wrong.

Some of what I wrote was in jest and honestly trying to stir up the pot, for I am a Jaguars fan who is growing bored with the team's struggles.

However, being a alumnus of the University of Florida and a Tebow fan, I wanted him to be with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Who knows—perhaps he will be picked in the third round by the Jaguars if he is still available. I doubt he will be.

Everyone knows that Tebow will be a project once he enters the NFL. I've always maintained that Tebow should be handled once drafted just like Steve McNair was when he was drafted by the Houston Oilers. Everyone knows how McNair turned out.

The team that picks Tebow should have a QB in place who is established and in a position to mentor him. The team should also have a supporting cast in place to ensure Tebow isn't pressured to perform before he is ready.

That is why I think the New England Patriots would be the perfect fit for Tebow. 

Urban Meyer has built a good professional relationship with Bill Belichick. He has traveled to meet with Coach Belichick for many reasons, and I wouldn't be surprised if Tebow's future wasn't discussed a few times during those visits.

Tom Brady is an established and top QB in the NFL. Who better to mentor Tim? Brady is no stranger to working his way up and taking advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself. Let's not forget that Brady was a sixth-round draft pick back in 2000.

Belichick possesses an extremely creative offensive mind, and without a doubt he would find ways to get Tebow involved. Add Tebow's work ethic and leadership qualities, and in the end it would be a win-win situation for all involved.

The Patriots have three picks in the second round. If Tebow is available when one of those three picks comes up, I would be shocked if New England doesn't select Tebow.

Tim will leave the sunny state of Florida for the sometimes brutal weather of New England. As he likes to say, "It just takes one team...."

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