Derrick Rose and Chicago Bulls' Victory Just a Side Story?

John HatelakContributor IApril 14, 2010

Nothing says, "Come join my team and inherit fame and fortune beyond your wildest imagination by winning championships and dominating the East for an entire decade," like having a highlight reel-filled game on national television. 

Okay, I admit it. I'm embellishing a little. Especially about the fame and fortune part. I think all those guys have that covered already. Especially after this upcoming offseason.

Derrick Rose had 39 big points in a game that had huge playoff implications against an historic rival no less. Throw in a season-high performance from Captain Kirk (don't call me Kurt, Vinny) Hinrich, and the feel-goods are in abundance, and all around.

Rose and company look like they don't have any early vacation plans. This was just a huge game that will ensure the season comes down to the last game of the year to determine the final playoff seed in the East.

Bet the Bulls wish they had that New Jersey game back? Especially with the Raptors playing the Knicks while the Bulls play the Bobcats.

This is all well and good for tonight, and the playoffs would be a nice distinction and goal to reach, but we all know this season is about next season.

If the Bulls wanted to produce a fictional recruiting video to try and entice prospective free agents to join the team, they couldn't possibly top this game.

LeBron! Bosh! D-Wade! Are you guys paying attention?

One change to come for sure will be a new coach. If it wasn't a certainty before, it sure is now after the reports of Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro and team general manager John Paxson getting into a heated discussion two weeks ago over Joakim Noah's minutes.

Apparently, Paxson was none too happy about Del Negro's perceived over-use of the Bulls' young center.

That led to the discussion I referred to after the Suns game a couple weeks ago that had Paxson apparently grabbing Del Negro by the tie, shoving him a couple of times, and then challenging him to a fight! Wow!

Of course the game was the side story here. The real story is obviously the apparent fight between the Bulls head coach and general manager.

It is good to know that the organization has the bigger picture in mind. Minus the fighting for the coaching life of Del Negro, of course. 

This kind of makes the so-called miscommunication incident during the double-overtime loss against the Nets seem not so miscommunicated.

And this begs the question, did Del Negro play Noah for a total of only 12 seconds during both overtimes to prove a point? Kind of like, "Hey Pax! If you want his minutes limited, how's this work for you?" 

It's not like winning will save his job. Surely by now he knows he's doomed. So winning that game wouldn't have changed his status.

Although, one would assume taking a team to the playoffs in his first two years of coaching would look good on his resume should he care to coach in the league again.

Just sayin'.