Steeler Nation Deserves Better. Send Ugly Benny Packing or Buy Him a Mirror

Chad LakkisContributor IApril 13, 2010

The recent trade of Santonio Holmes has merit. It sends a message to fans and the players within the organization that certain things will not be tolerated. Amongst those things are allegation's of abuse and/or public misconduct, drug use, and open threats made to the public.

Unfortunately, it also sends a message that other things such as shacking up with heavily intoxicated underage females in dive bar bathrooms will be tolerated as long as you are in a position deemed more difficult to replace. I don't believe the decision to trade Santonio and keep Ben had anything to do with skin color. I believe it had everything to do with bottom line business reality.

The simple fact is that franchise-quality quarterbacks don't grow on trees. There's a reason why the league has turned the quarterback position into a porcelain doll that can't be touched. They believe that the position is too damn hard to replace, and without one, even a league built on "parity" will field teams incapable of breaking .500.

Despite all this, I beg the Rooneys as long time Steeler fan to put an end to the double standard. Put an end to the mixed signals. Put an end to Ben's career as a Pittsburgh Steeler.

Ben Roethlisberger is a fine quarterback, but that isn't enough. He has a mental image of what he thinks he is, and it isn't gelling with reality. As Terry Bradshaw said in a recent interview, "I'm not that good looking, and neither is Ben." The truth hurts, but it's called the truth for a reason.

When it comes to looks, Ben is no Tom Brady. He's no Joe Namath. He's no Troy Aikmen. Simply put, becoming an NFL quarterback doesn't mean you are going to be successful at wooing the ladies.

There's a reason Tom Brady is dating Gisele Bundchen and posing on the cover of GQ while Ben Roethlisberger is chasing down underage sorority girls and showing up to press conferences with a freshly trimmed mullet. It's not because he can't win the big one, because he's already proven that he can. It's because he's an average-looking chubby faced quarterback whose game with the helmet off pales in comparison to his game with it on.

Despite their efforts, I highly doubt the Steelers organization is going to be successful in convincing Ben that he is no Don Juan, and highly I doubt that he will magically find a way to land himself a fine looking actress or super model that turns him into an honest man. Instead, I believe he will continue to frequent dive bars and clubs looking to surround himself with girls who are more interested in taking a picture with him to up their Facebook status then they are in having sexual relations with him.

In closing, I don't disagree with the organization's decision to dump Holmes, but with that I think they should serve Ben his walking papers as well. It saddens me to see a Steeler great like Terry Bradshaw talk about his relationship with the current Steeler QB. It should be one of respect and guidance, but instead its blossomed into a mutual dislike. I'm with Terry. Ben is an immature borderline ugly kid who longs to live the life of a rock star.

Do the right thing.