Cleveland Browns' Jerome Harrison: The Dangers of the One Year Wonder

Mark GoodmanContributor IOctober 17, 2016

Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

I was all over the bandwagon just like most of you.

561 yards and five TDs on the ground made geniuses out of a few fantasy football owners in the final few weeks of the season.

However, this shouldn't cloud the judgement of Cleveland's front office in the event of an offer for Harrison's second round tender. The Browns haven't had a franchise running-back since their return to the NFL. While Jamal Lewis showed a few bursts of what he used to be able to do, most could see that he was a stop-gap veteran—which is more than what Jerome Harrison is or will ever be. 

His numbers were staggering, but what most Harrison fans don't want to look at is the fact that two of those big games were played against two of the worst rushing defenses in the league—Oakland and Kansas City.

I love the guy's toughness and his ability to make quick cuts, but he just isn't going to be the franchise back some seem to believe he could be. 

Now, with the draft only nine days away and the Browns making a splash in the offseason with a few big moves, releases, and trades, it isn't out of the question to assume that Harrison is on the trading block. He could end up on a team that might think along the same line as his bandwagon fans from weeks 15-17 of the 2009 season.

The only question is whether or not any team is willing to give up a second round pick for the one year wonder. 

Just remember, if Phil Savage were in charge he would have signed Harrison to a $24 million dollar extension resembling that of a certain ex-Browns QB.