Cincinnati Reds Week One Analysis

Cliff EasthamSenior Writer IIApril 13, 2010

CINCINNATI, OH - APRIL 5: The St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds line up for the national anthem sung by former Cincinnati Bengals tight end Ben Utecht at the Great American Ball Park on March 5, 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Reds season is now one week old, and positive things are already transpiring.

To begin with, they are four up and three down, which is a real good thing, considering their first two series were against the top two finishers in the NL Central in 2009.

Scott Rolen is beginning to look like the Rolen of 2004 with the Cardinals. He finished that season with an OPS+ of 157.

There is a new young gun in town—I have named him "Iceman." When that takes off, don't forget where you saw it first.

Of course, I am talking about Mike Leake. The kid is going to be a stud.

The starting pitching has been pretty good overall during the inaugural week of the season. Aaron Harang has started twice and is 0-1 with an ERA of 4.50. He has only given up nine hits in 12 innings, with two walks and nine strikeouts.

His Achilles' heel is the long ball. He is averaging one launch leaving the yard every three innings, which will not do. No sir!

Orlando Cabrera has shown some good things at shortstop. They are all in the run-producing department, with two HR and six RBI. His average is around the Mendoza line, so he needs to improve on getting on base. Maybe move him down to the seven or eight hole? Just askin'.

After a dismal start, Jay Bruce is finally kicking it up a notch. Hopefully what we saw last night in Florida was a precursor of things to come.

Drew Stubbs is going to be a good one, in my humble opinion. He has two multi-hit games, a grand salami, and is 2-of-2 in stolen base attempts. His strikeouts are starting to make Mark Reynolds look good.

Ramon Hernandez is doing much better than I thought he would, even at this early date. He currently has an OBP of .444.

The bullpen has allowed some rough stuff to take place, but I believe they will settle down and be what they are supposed to be. Micah Owings pitched an outstanding scoreless three innings against the Cubs, allowing a hit, a hit batsman, no walks, and two strikeouts.

Coco Cordero must have read the piece I wrote the other day when I chastised him for getting a save when he nearly blew the game. If you are reading this, Coco, what you have done since then is what you are being paid the big money for.

As an aside, I saw something the other day on a sports site about players' income. You type in your annual salary, and it will tell you how many HR or Wins or whatever the player will have to do to earn your salary. The thing told me I would have to work for 400 years to earn one year's salary for Manny Ramirez. I have been down, real down ever since.

I truly believe this is the year that the Reds will make their move. I mean, after all, when Bud Selig says to watch out for the Reds, I think you should listen. He said it on ESPN in the Twins' home opener yesterday.

Think good thoughts, and I will continue to chastise Coco when he needs it.

Caesar Cliffius out.