Steeler Nation Dialing 9-1-1: The Jets Have Stolen Santonio Holmes!

Ken D'AndreaContributor IApril 12, 2010

TAMPA, FL - FEBRUARY 01:  Santonio Holmes #10 of of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates with the Vince Lombardi Trophy as team owner Dan Rooney and head coach Mike Tomlin looks on after the Steelers won 27-23 against the Arizona Cardinals during Super Bowl XLIII on February 1, 2009 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

Steel-Town, USA have been wearing out the 9-1-1 Lines to report this New Jersey crime since the details of this "deal" have started releasing from the press...Yes, a steal!

An apparent crime has been committed in the NFL's Steel-Town, USA as the Rooney Family has been blindingly robbed.  

This deal looks so sweet for the Jets,the fans of Steel-Town suspect this has the working of New Jersey under-world crime written all over it and the Rooney Family must of had some sort of personal debt to pay with an offer they just couldn't refuse. 

The new face of Jets football has come with a love him or hate him appeal with his confident, brass knuckle style influence which rubs other fans the wrong way as more of an obnoxious, cocky and bully-like thug.

Everything appears to be working too good for Rex Ryan and crew since his arrival and new attitude of smash-mouth foundation of a football team. And this deal may put him and the Jets over the top as more hated for having a mobster appearance. 

Will Rex Ryan be labeled the "Godfather" of the NFL?  

In all seriousness, people are looking too much for the negatives in this deal because of Holmes' reported off-field incidences, and the Rooney Family does have a unique way of doing business when it comes to dealing with certain characteristics of players, at times maybe to the disliking of their fans.

Holmes is a solid player and will be a great fit for the up and coming Jets offense that fell just short of a Superbowl appearance last season.

Fact is, you know just what your getting with his 4 years of pro experience. Holmes' maturity curve is done and there are signs of a lot more potential. Risky some may say, but so is any draft pick. Even a top round, expensive one.

Giving up 1st round draft rights for someone like Holmes is a bargain if its going to give immediate strength to the Jets, never mind a team in it's second year of rebuilding.

His talent will no doubt strengthen them in addition to the talent they already have. He will spread out defenses even more to compliment and balance the passing attack for Sanchez and the running game's effectiveness.

This Rex Ryan led team, alot like the Steelers, may be just the system for Holmes to be his best on and off the field. This move is well worth the risk even for glass a half-empty type analysis. Whether he is a success or failure with the Jets, it's still a no-lose situation for them as they look good all the way around.

Is there more to come that we just dont know about yet in this deal from the Jets to the Steelers?

Or did the Steelers just want to get rid of Holmes that bad for some unforeseen reason they feel money or talent isnt worth bargaining for?

Right now it looks like a steal for the Jets as Steeler fans are raging mad and confused. I think back as a kid watching the Jetsons cartoon and that furious character ranting "JETS,JETS,JETS....I HATE JETS". I'm sure Steeler fans and opposing AFC East fans are ranting lately.