Miami Dolphins' Mock Draft: 2nd and 3rd Round Picks

Luke TaylorCorrespondent IIApril 12, 2010

CINCINNATI - NOVEMBER 27:  Arrelious Benn #9 of the Illinois Fighting Illini throws a pass runs with the ball during the game against the Cincinnati Bearcats at Nippert Stadium on November 27, 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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Following the prediction that Miami will use their first round pick on an outside linebacker, it is now time to explore the possibilities that the Dolphins will explore when making their second and third round choices.

2nd Round – 43rd Pick

A first-round trade could produce an extra second round pick that should be used to select either a nose tackle, or a safety. However, should Miami decide not to trade down, then they will have the 11th pick of the second round.

With regards to the nose tackle dilemma, Terrence Cody is expected to go to San Diego at 40, but if they pass on him then Miami has a chance to grab him at 43. Cam Thomas may not last until the third round, but might not warrant a pick as high as 43. Linval Joseph would be a great pick for Miami, but like Thomas, may not warrant a selection as high as Miami’s.

The safety department doesn’t offer too much value either. Taylor Mays will be gone by this pick, but Miami could have a chance to select Nate Allen or Morgan Burnett.

Either of these safeties would be a good pick for the Dolphins, but with the prospects of Major Wright and Myron Lewis, predicted to go in the third, and fourth or fifth rounds, respectively, Miami might just consider an offensive pick here.

The added issue of Philadelphia’s search for a safety could impact Miami’s pick. The Eagles are perfectly placed to select Allen or Burnett should they pass on Mays and be unable to trade up and select Thomas or Berry.

Wide receiver is a position that Miami can address here too. Dez Bryant will be gone, and Golden Tate and Demaryius Thomas will most likely be out of the equation as well. However, there are options with Brandon LaFell and Arrelious Benn.

LaFell might not warrant that high a pick, so Benn would be the ideal choice here. At 6’1’’ and 219 lbs, he would be a good size for Miami, and he ran a solid 4.57 at the Combine. In addition to this, he has excellent hands and is good strength that would allow him to break tackles.

Ted Ginn has shown how badly the Dolphins need a receiver with a good pair of hands, and Benn could provide them.

He is also seen as a receiver who offers excellent value in the second round. Perhaps the only receiver who is better value is Dez Bryant, though Benn would come without the entourage and character issues.

If Miami choose to go wide receiver, and that would be sensible, then Benn is the man to go for. With a little bit of work, he can become the number one receiver that Miami fans crave so desperately.

2nd Round Pick: Arrelious Benn, WR, Illnois

3rd Round – 73rd Pick

Having filled voids at OLB and WR, Miami can now turn its attention to holes at free safety, and nose tackle.

The Dolphins also hope to trade Justin Smiley for a third round pick, and completing that trade would give them a great opportunity to address both these needs. However, it is more likely that they receive a fourth rounder, and will be left with just the 73rd pick of the draft in the third round.

With regards to the pick, the issues of depth in the draft again come into play, as Miami weighs up their options in later rounds for those the position they do not fill here.

The nose tackle from East Carolina, Linval Joseph is rising up the board, having originally been projected as a fourth or fifth round pick. Jeff Owens is also a possibility, but at 304 lbs he may not be big enough to front a 3-4.

Torrell Troup has been projected as high as a second round pick, but is not expected to be drafted that early. He is more likely to go in the fourth or fifth rounds, so may not be considered this early while Joseph and Owens are also still on the board.

With regards to safety, Miami has a huge void there following the release of Gibril Wilson. Perhaps the best option would be to sign Darren Sharper for two years and allow a draft pick to improve under his tutorage.

Myron Rolle would be a great pick in the later rounds at free safety, and Myron Lewis is an option in the fourth or fifth round.

Wright was exceptional for the Florida Gators, and he will become a firm favourite with the crowd too. He has good ball-hawking ability, and he loves to hit.

Miami ’s decision to sign Gibril Wilson, and then pursue Ryan Clark, suggests that the Dolphins want a big hitting safety, and this man fits the bill.

Having seen him unload on receivers last year, Major Wright could be the big-hitting safety that Miami desires, but will the coverage skills that Wilson lacked. 

Larry Asante, Reshad Jones, and Chad Jones are also still possibilities for Miami too. However, judging by the previous Dolphins’ targets at safety, a big-hitter with good coverage skills is the probable option at safety. Wright would be perfect to fill that void.

The options in the third will most likely come down to Cam Thomas or Major Wright. Thomas may not last until the 73rd pick, but if he does, he will be given real consideration. However, the depth at nose tackle should lead to Miami going with the safety.

Obviously should Miami acquire another third round pick for Smiley, then Thomas and Wright would be the obvious candidates. However, if they have just the one, they have to go with the safety.

3rd Round Pick: Major Wright, FS, Florida