2010 Fantasy Baseball: Week One Top Performers

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IApril 12, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 05:  Center fielder Vernon Wells #10 of the Toronto Blue Jays stands on first base against the Texas Rangers on Opening Day at Rangers Ballpark on April 5, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

This series is devoted to spotlighting each week’s top fantasy producers. Each player awarded a position is determined by their statistics for the last seven days. Game changing contributions are also considered.

Top Stat Stars


American League: Vernon Wells OF (Tor)  

7-Runs, 4-HR, 7-RBI, .500-AVG


National League: Edgar Renteria (SF)

4-Runs, 1-HR, 3-XBH, 5-RBI, 3-BB, .688-AVG

American League Stat Stars


C Matt Wieters (Bal)                                    

3-Runs, 1-HR, 2-RBI, 2-BB, .429-AVG

1B Miguel Cabrera (Det)      

3-Runs, 2 HR, 7 RBI, 2-BB, .471-AVG


2B Robinson Cano (NYY)     

3-Runs, 1-HR, 2-XBH, 3-RBI, .375-AVG          

SS Jeff Pennington (Oak)                  

3-Runs, 1-HR, 3-XBH, 5-RBI, .353-AVG


3B Evan Longoria (TB)

2-Runs, 2-HR, 3-XBH, 5-RBI, .375-AVG


OF Vernon Wells (Tor)          

7-Runs, 4-HR, 7-RBI, .500-AVG


OF Nelson Cruz (Tex)                                  

4-Runs, 3-HR, 4-XBH, 7-RBI, 2-BB, .500-AVG

OF Magglio Ordonez (Det)  

4-Runs, 1-HR, 3-XBH, 2-RBI, .500-AVG


DH: Vladimir Guerrero (Tex)

3-Runs, 1-HR, 2-XBH, 2-RBI, .600-AVG


SP Matt Garza (TB)              

9-K, 1.13-ERA, Win


RP Mariano Rivera (NYY)  

1-K, 0.00-ERA, 2-Saves

Team: Minnesota Twins 5-1


Other notable Stat Stars:

C Jorge Posada (NYY)            3-R, 1-HR, 2-RBI, 4-BB, .357-AVG

1b Justin Morneau (Min)           7-R, 2-HR, 4-RBI, 5-BB, .389-AVG

2b Mark Ellis (Oak)                 6-R, 1-XBH, 3-BB, .400-AVG

SS JJ Hardy (Min)                    3-R, 2-HR, 3-RBI, .333-AVG

1B/3B Kevin Youkilis               4-R, 3-XBH, 3-RBI, .385-AVG

OF Franklin Gutierrez               3-R, 2-XBH, 2-BB, .389-AVG

OF Rick Ankiel                        1-HR, 3-XBH, 4-RBI, 1-SB, .375-AVG

OF Rajai Davis                         6-R, 1-HR, 2-XBH, 4-RBI, 2-SB, .375-AVG

SP Dallas Braden (Oak)           10-K, 1.29-ERA, No Decision

SP Carl Pavano (Min)              6-K, 1.29-ERA, Win

SP Mark Buehrle (CWS)         3-K, 0.00-ERA, Win

SP John Lackey (Bos)              3-K, 0.00-ERA, No Decision

SP Brett Anderson (Oak)         4-K, 0.00-ERA, Win

SP Max Scherzer (Det)            3-K, 0.00-ERA, No Decision, *1-hit in 6 innings

SP Luke Hochevar (KC)          2-K, 0.00-ERA, No Decision

RP Chris Perez (Cle)                1-K, 0.00-ERA, 2 Saves

National League Stat Stars:


C Miguel Montero                             

2-Run, 1-XBH, 3-RBI, .545-AVG

1B Ryan Howard (Phi)                       

4-R, 2-HR, 5-XBH, 7-RBI, .400-AVG


2B Placido Polanco (Phi)                    

7-Runs, 1-HR, 8-RBI, .579-AVG


SS Edgar Renteria                 

6-Runs, 1-HR, 3-XBH, 5-RBI, 3-BB, .688-AVG


3B Martin Prado (Atl)                       

5-Runs, 2-XBH, .625-AVG


OF Matt Holliday (Oak)                    

6-Runs, 2-HR, 4-XBH, 5-RBI, 1-SB, .471 AVG

OF Carlos Gonzalez (Col)                  

5-Runs, 1-XBH, .450-AVG


OF Jeff Francoeur (NYM)                

3-Runs, 2-HR, 4-XBH, 6-RBI, .429-AVG


SP Jorge De La Rosa (Col)

9-K, 0.00-ERA, Win            

RP Brian Wilson (SF)                        

4-K, 0.00-ERA, 2-Saves

Team: St. Louis Cardinals 4-1


Other notable Stat Stars:

C Ivan Rodriguez (Was)           2-XBH, .462-AVG

1b Daric Barton (Oak)             3-R, 2-XBH, 7-RBI, 6-BB, .438-AVG

2b Jeff Keppinger (Hou)           3-XBH, .545-AVG

SS Jimmy Rollins (Phi)              6-R, 4-XBH, 6-BB, .467-AVG

3b Juan Uribe (SF)                   4-R, 2-XBH, 3-RBI, 1-SB, .375-AVG

OF Ryan Braun (Mil)                2-XBH, 2-RBI, 2-BB, .429-AVG

OF Chris Young (Ari)               3-R, 2-HR, 3-XBH, 7-RBI, .400-AVG

OF Colby Rasmus (Stl)            4-R, 1-HR, 2-XBH, 7-BB, 1-SB, .400-AVG

SP Tim Lincecum (SF)             7-K, 0.00-ERA, Win

SP Hiroki Kuroda (LAD)         7-K, 0.00-ERA, Win

SP Roy Halladay (Phi)              9-K, 1.29-ERA, Win

SP Barry Zito (SF)                   5-K, 0.00-ERA, Win

SP Chris Young (SD)               5-K, 0.00-ERA, Win, *1-hit in 6 innings

SP Ryan Dempster (ChC)        9-K, 1.50-ERA, No Decision

SP Chad Billingsley (LAD)       7-K, 1.69-ERA, Win

SP Ubaldo Jimenez (Col)          6-K, 1.50-ERA, Win

SP Rodrigo Lopez (Ari)            5-K, 1.50-ERA, Win


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