Jameson Konz: Why Green Bay Should Consider Him

Kyle PlumCorrespondent IApril 8, 2010

Jameson Konz was a complete unknown until his shocking pro day.  For those who still don't know him, he played for Kent State.  His first three seasons as a linebacker and defensive end.  He was injured after one game his senior year playing tight end.  He got a medical red-shirt and played as a fifth year senior as a wide receiver and H-back.  

His incredible athleticism means he could play on either side of the ball, but he probably will be most successful on offense.  He lacks the size to be a tight end, but is large to be a wide receiver.  Most teams would chose to use him as a H-back.  

Konz also has the athleticism to play on defense, likely as a rush linebacker. He would also excel on special teams because of his terrific size, speed, and strength.

So let's look at his pro day numbers:

Height: 6-4

weight: 235

Forty-Yard Dash: 4.38

Vertical Jump: 46 Inches

Broad Jump:  10'08"

20-yard Shuttle:  4.25

3-Cone Drill:  6.93

He didn't do the Bench Reps at the combine, but teams have been individually testing him.  I read 27, but that number is not verifiable.  


His pro day numbers are simply incredible.  If he can develop good ball skills he will be a match-up nightmare.  At 6'4" and with a 46 inch vertical small corners will have no chance on a jump ball, and with 4.38 speed linebackers won't be able to hang with him in coverage.  

If the 27 bench reps is true, he should have no problem blocking linebackers.  Konz would add some great versatility to Green Bay's offense.  He will be a project, who may not contribute as a rookie, but with good coaching he could be a game-changer in a few years.  


Considering were Konz is predicted to go in this year's draft he will be a major steal. He is projected as a sixth or seventh round player and if he is still available Green Bay would love to have him.  Unfortunately, he probably won't fall past Oakland in the sixth if Al Davis is still GM.  If Green Bay really want Konz, they will have to use their second fifth round pick.  


So, given the potential of Konz, and the lack of talent in the fifth, he would be a smart pick for Green Bay.  It may never happen, but it is an exciting thought for Green Bay's offense.