NFC West Offensive Lines: Staying Healthy Key To Success

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst IJuly 13, 2008

This division lacks a little up front, and the effort trickles down from there. Subpar efforts and lack of healthy players on the line and in the backfield have created an uphill battle for these west coast teams. That said, Seattle and St. Louis have been the most successful teams from this division, and that success is tied to the guys up front. Consider how much the loss of Orlando Pace hurt the Rams last year.

Seattle Seahawks (1st in NFC West, 7th in Conference)
If you want a safe bet on draft day, then grab whoever emerges as the lead runner for the Seahawks. The lack of production last year had more to do with the decline of Shaun Alexander than it had to do with the linemen.

LT Walter Jones
LG Mike Wahle
C Chris Spencer
RG Ray Sims
RT Sean Locklear

St. Louis Rams (2nd in NFC West, 8th in Conference)
Obviously a healthy Orlando Pace will go a long way toward improving the play of his unit from a year ago, but a healthy quarterback (Marc Bulger) and running back (Steven Jackson) need to return to form this year for the team to turn the corner on offense.

LT Orlando Pace
LG Mark Setterstrom
C Brett Romberg
RG Richie Incognito
RT Alex Barron

Arizona Cardinals (3rd in NFC West, 13th in Conference)
This group is still finding its way as they try to build around Levi Brown, but expect marked improvement from this unit in 2008 with Russ Grimm leading the way.

LT Mike Gandy
LG Reggie Wells
C Al Johnson
RG Deuce Lutui
RT Levi Brown

San Francisco (4th in NFC West, 15th in Conference)
They seem to have solid tackles in Joe Staley and Jonas Jennings, though Jennings has had a hard time staying on the field due to injury. They should improve from another year of playing together as a unit, but who they will be blocking for is a guess with quarterback Alex Smith and running back Frank Gore both needing to prove they can stay healthy.

LT Joe Staley
LG Adam Snyder
C Eric Heitmann
RG Daavid Baas
RT Jonas Jennings

This is another post in a series in which we go division by division looking at and ranking the most overlooked factor in the success of your fantasy football squad, the offensive line. So you might want to keep an eye out over the next few weeks - which by the way, I have made it easy for you to do because…

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