NFL: The New York Jets and Jason Taylor? It Could Happen

Mike GurnisContributor IApril 7, 2010

JACKSONVILLE, FL - DECEMBER 13:  Jason Taylor #99 of the Miami Dolphins watches the play during the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on December 13, 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Today Jets fans learned that one of the franchise's most hated players may end up in a Jets uniform.

Jason Taylor, an outside linebacker who has terrorized the Jets and their fans for over a decade with the Miami Dolphins, is being courted by Jets coach Rex Ryan.

Yes, that's right. 

The same Jason Taylor who has said nothing but bad things about the New York Jets and their fans over the last ten years. 

The same Jason Taylor who, last year, said that Jets fans "take the cl out of class." 

The same Jason Taylor that said it would be "very, very, very difficult" to see himself in a Jets uniform. 

The same Jason Taylor who ripped Jets fans for their conduct, saying "A bunch of them chanting their dumb-(expletive) chant and all that other stuff, being the ignorant fans they are."

That's right. 

That Jason Taylor could be wearing a Jets uniform by the end of the day, according to the Newark Star-Ledger .

All of the comments that Taylor has made about Jets fans in the past really brings up the question as to whether Taylor would be a good fit with the Jets. 

Nobody could have imagined this scenario happening.  Jason Taylor going from the Dolphins to the Jets is the equivalent of Johnny Damon going from the Red Sox to the Yankees, or Brett Favre going from the Packers to the Vikings.  It's something that neither team's fanbase could ever imagine happening, and it's something that neither fanbase wants. Miami fans are probably sick to their stomach at the thought of Taylor in green and playing a major part of that vaunted Jets defense. 

But Jets fans seem very unhappy about the idea as well, and rightfully so.  Although Taylor would be a big piece of the Jets puzzle in 2010, how would Jets fans embrace him after all of the comments he's made about the Jets fanbase?

Before Taylor even thinks of signing with the Jets, he really needs to consider the whole situation.  Sure, he'd be coming into a great situation on-the-field in New York, as he'd be joining, arguably, the best defense in football, joining Calvin Pace as outside linebackers.  On the other hand, Taylor is 35 years old and nobody really knows how much he has left in the tank. 

But if Taylor signs with the Jets, he has to know that he has enough left in him and that he'll be able to have a big season.  He needs to understand that the New York media, and Jets fans, will have zero patience with him and if he doesn't perform well he'll face criticism unlike anything he's ever seen before. 

But let's say he has a great season with the Jets. 

If Taylor has a great season and is a part of a Super Bowl-winning team, it could go the other way and Jets fans may look at him as a hero.  The Jets defense is scary enough as it is and all they're really missing is a great pass-rusher.  Taylor, if he plays like his normal self, would easily fill that void. 

But does Taylor really want to be a hero to the fan base that he's loathed his whole career?  Does he really want to make Jets fans happy?

These are all things Taylor needs to consider before he becomes a member of the New York Jets.