Calling all Lions Fans: We Want Haynesworth, We Want Haynesworth!

Matt JCorrespondent IApril 6, 2010

ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 08:  Albert Haynesworth #92 of the Washington Redskins looks on against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on November 8, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Washington Redskins are reportedly eagerly looking to trade Albert Haynesworth. Being a Lions fan, this is the best news I've read all off-season. What's better than reuniting the best defensive lineman in the game with the coach that helped get him there?

You're right; I can't think of anything else either. Jim Scwartz was the defensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans when Albert was becoming the best defensive lineman in the league.

Reuniting not only Albert with Jim, but with Kyle Vanden Bosch as well, would be just about the best thing Detroit has done since drafting Barry Sanders and getting rid of Matt Millen.

I mean, do I even have to bring up the stats and highlights of when the three of them were together dominating down in Tennessee? This would help Detroit in so many ways, it's hard to start naming them all, but here are a few I could think of.

I think the obvious big thing that would happen here is Detroit would not be drafting Suh. Now, all of you Suh lovers are going to probably hate me, or question this strongly.

Let me be the first to say, unfortunately as much I like Suh, he's not the best player in this draft. By adding Albert, Detroit can pick the best player in the draft: Eric Berry.

In order to get Albert, I would assume the deal would look something like both teams swap first round picks this year and Detroit sends them a third and maybe one of the seventh round picks, both for this year's draft.

I'm sure Mayhew could get Detroit a better deal than just that, but I'm just laying down a basic trade deal that could go down. Now by swapping first round picks (hypothetically speaking now), Detroit would only move down a few spots.

The Rams won't be taking Eric Berry with the first pick, and if the Redskins move up to No. 2 in the draft and trade away Albert, I could easily see them drafting Suh or McCoy. Tampa Bay will more than likely draft one or the other out of Suh and McCoy if available, and if not, look for them to go to the offensive line. They just signed a new safety, so Eric should be safe moving into the fourth pick.

Which leaves us with Detroit up next. With both defensive tackles almost guaranteed to be gone, and Detroit now having Albert, this frees them up to do what they want. What they should do is bolster arguably the weakest secondary in the history of the NFL.

Eric Berry is by far, the best player available in this draft on either side of the ball. Yes, better than all the Lions' fans beloved Suh. Berry has some insane, raw talent that is so hard to find in safeties, and with the secondary now easily Detroit's worst area, it's hard to say no to Berry.

Sure all of you are thinking, if they have Albert and there's still all those offensive tackles, shouldn't they go with one of them? And I hate to say it with the way the Lions' line is, but no!

It's probably only a few times in a decade you see a player with Eric Berry's talent. Why pass up on that and draft an offensive tackle, when this year's draft is stock full of them. Think of this secondary: Louis Delmas and Eric Berry in the back, with Jonathan Wade, Chris Houston, and Joe Haden or Donovan Warren possibly out on the sides.

With Albert clogging the middle, Kyle tearing up the outsides, Cliff making some noise, and possibly Sammie Hill or Corey Williams playing solidly. Don't even get me started on the linebackers, who have played well without the help of a good line or secondary.

Tell me that right there doesn't sound like a completely different decent defensive squad out on the field for the Detroit Lions?

Wait did I just say "decent defensive squad...for the Lions?!"

Now you're all wondering where I came up with the Joe Haden and/or Donovan Warren ideas. Well, let's see: once again, Detroit's secondary is shameful to say the least, and until we see the new signees on the field, my opinion won't change. So it never hurts to load your weakest spot and challenge the players to win the position.

I can definitely see Joe dropping all the way out of the first round and into the second. If that happens, especially if Detroit goes with a lineman in the first round, they almost have to pick Joe. He's a first round talent, who has great on-field speed, who got screwed by the combine.

As far as Warren goes, he could easily drop into the third or fourth round. If that happens, Detroit should seriously consider him. He's good enough to make a case to start on this weak secondary, and they could groom him. Plus, he's a hometown hero in Michigan, and everyone there loves him, so it would sit well with the fans to snatch him in the mid-rounds.

So you're thinking what if this all just doesn't work out, even though the likelyhood of it working out is greater than you may think. Jim really wants Albert, Albert really wants out, the Redskins really want to move up in the draft, and the Redskins really want to rid themselves of Albert. I can easily see this deal going down, but you say what if it doesn't.

I won't go into as many details, but plug Glenn Dorsey of the Kansas City Chiefs into this instead of Albert, and here's a summary of what would be slightly different:

Instead of the No. 4 overall pick, the Lions would now have the No. 5 overall pick. Still wouldn't see the Chiefs taking Eric, so he should still be available. If not, plug in whatever OT you feel the Lions should pick.

Instead of picking Joe in the second round, or an offensive lineman, the Lions go with Jahvid Best. What does moving down one extra spot in the draft have to do with the second round? Absolutely nothing; I just like to explore all the options.

The Chiefs are wanting to trade Glenn Dorsey, and though he hasn't lived up to his full potential yet, I think Jim could get him there. Plus, he would be working in a lot better system more suited to him.

If the Lions can get either one of these deals done, I would be the happiest fan alive. Especially if they then drafted Eric Berry, or even one of the top three offensive tackles. They would be greatly improving in more areas than one, and the future would look brighter, faster.

Here's to hoping they can get one of these deals done.