Matt Hasselbeck; The Leader of The Seattle Franchis

matt christensenContributor IApril 6, 2010

SEATTLE , WA - JANUARY 03:  Matt Hasselbeck #8 of the Seattle Seahawks plays against the Tennessee Titans at Qwest Field on January 3, 2010 in Seattle, Washington.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

In 2001, head coach/General Manager made a bold move by trading for Matt Hasselbeck the unproven career backup for the Green bay Packers. All these years later the stats do not like, three Pro-Bowls, six 3,000 yard seasons, four seasons with at least 20 touchdowns, five seasons with a completion percentage of at least 60%, and a 63-54 Career record. I'm so sick of "fans" bashing him.

 Hasselbecks the leader, he’s they guy that the team looks for guidance, he’s the same Quarterback who took us to a Super bowl! He should have won it too! Hasselbeck is an elite Quarterback with no team around him. Do you know when he started throwing all those interceptions at the end of the season? When Nate Burleson went down. Burleson was his go-to-guy, his deep threat, and the man Hasselbeck had the most chemistry with. Houshmanzedah had a good season, but him and Hasselbeck had to have a year to grow with each other, and John Carlson was forced to block more this season. Do not get me started with Deion Branch. Hasselbeck has been stat wise the 2nd most successful Quarterback in the NFC in terms of wins since becoming a starter in 2002, only behind Donovan Mcnabb. Hasselbeck played with a bad shoulder, broken ribs, and all kinds of things. He could have sat on the bench and not played, but he did he sacrificed his health for this team, for the Fans, for all of you! People call him weak because he gets hurt a lot. I must ask, are all of you that stupid? It is not as if Hasselbeck goes onto the field on Sundays and thinks to himself;” a, today is the day for me to break my ribs." COME ON! Hasselbeck broke his ribs because he tried to dive in for a touchdown near the goal line! He got hurt sacrificing his body! That’s what a leader is about, Sacrifice!

Hasselbecks starting line has been destroyed in 2007 he had; Walter Jones, Chris Gray, Chris Spencer, Rob Sims, and Sean Locklear. All of them started all 16 games. In 2009, his Left Tackler was, Sean Locklear, Brandon Fry, and Damion Mcintosh, at LG Rob Sims, at Center Steve Vallos, Chris Spencer, and Max Unger. At Right Guard, Max Unger, and Chris Spencer, and at Right Tackle Ray Willis, and Sean Locklear. Only Rob Sims stayed at the same position all year, and only him and Unger started every game. Get Hasselbeck some lineman and I promise he will be just fine