Love Him or Hate Him, Brock Lesnar Is the Main Draw in the UFC Today

Luke TaylorCorrespondent IIApril 6, 2010

LAS VEGAS - JULY 11:  Brock Lesnar reacts after knocking out Frank Mir during their heavyweight title bout during UFC 100 on July 11, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Brock Lesnar is one of the most divisive MMA fighters in the history of the sport. You either love him or hate him, but in the UFC today, nobody can deny that he is the main man.

Lesnar has enjoyed a short, but incredibly successful MMA career. Following his UFC debut loss to Frank Mir, Lesnar has won three fights in a row to improve his record to 4-1.

Most notably is that in those four wins, he has both won and defended the UFC Heavyweight title.

Now, following a long period away from the sport due to illness, Lesnar will return at UFC 116 to fight the interim heavyweight champion, Shane Carwin, and the fight is one of the most eagerly anticipated ever.

Truth be told, Brock Lesnar is the main draw in the UFC today.

His second fight against Frank Mir was the moment that Brock became a superstar in the world of MMA. Having busted Mir open within a minute of their first fight, he turned his back on the UFC veteran, allowing Mir to sink in a kneebar that forced Lesnar to tap.

His second fight came after months of trash talking and insults. Mir hated Lesnar, and Lesnar hated Mir. The UFC fans sided with Mir, and Lesnar loved it.

After decimating Mir and recording a TKO victory early in the second round, Lesnar was greeted by a chorus of boos. His response?

"Keep going! I love it!"

Lesnar has used his pro-wrestling experience to enhance his reputation amongst fans, but not necessarily to win their support.

He seemingly enjoys drawing heat from the crowd, and cut what was essentially a wrestling-style heel promo following his win over Mir, as he slated the UFC's sponsors and told fans he was heading home to sleep with his wife.

His feud with Mir promoted him onto the big stage, and Brock had no qualms being the bad guy in the equation. However, he backed up his claims that he would beat Mir with the horseshoe that Mir had "up his ass."

This led to MMA fans becoming even more desperate to see the big man get his comeuppance. Now, with Lesnar arguably the biggest and most dominant heavyweight the UFC has even seen, fans are just waiting for somebody to shut Lesnar up and leave him unconscious inside the Octagon.

Whether that will ever happen is a different question.

Couture was dominated. Mir was dominated. Now Carwin has a chance to take out Lesnar, but you get the feeling the Brock might be just a little too big for him.

Regardless of his success, Lesnar's attitude and persona has made him the most hated man in MMA. However, this has worked wonders for the UFC, as he is also the biggest draw in the sport.

It's only natural to want somebody to shut him up. You find yourself wanting it more than ever due to the improbability of it ever happening. At UFC 116, the world will be watching, and hoping, that Shane Carwin leaves Brock on the canvas and becomes the new heavyweight champion.

Lesnar has elevated the UFC to a whole new level. The former wrestler has done so much for the organisation in such a small time, he is even the face of UFC Undisputed 2010.

When he returns at UFC 116 it will be an occasion that will attract the world's attention. Brock Lesnar has made himself the main face of UFC, the publicist of the organisation, and he will continue to increase the interest in the UFC until somebody knocks him out cold.

Unfortunately, that looks less likely each time he fights.