The Philadelphia Eagles: Did They Get Enough For Donovan McNabb?

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The Philadelphia Eagles:  Did They Get Enough For Donovan McNabb?
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In fact, we will not know the answer to this question for many years, as it remains to be seen who the Eagles will acquire with the draft picks they received from the Redskins.  The short answer, however, is no.

McNabb is a pro-bowl caliber quarterback, with veteran leadership, and a few good years left in his arm.  He is a proven commodity, at arguably the most important position in the game. A second round pick this year, and a 3rd and 4th in next years very weak looking draft, does not do McNabb justice.  What makes this absolutely ridiculous however, is that they traded him to a divisional rival.

The Redskins had just brought in a 2-time Super Bowl winning coach in Mike Shanahan, and the Eagles have just handed him a very good starting quarterback.  The addition of McNabb has instantly made Santana Moss an even greater down the field threat, and with 6 time 1,200 yards+ rusher Clinton Portis, the Redskins have the makings of a formidable offense. 

The Eagles, however, are now Banking on Kevin Kolb to fill McNabb's shoes.  It remains to be seen, but no doubt Eagles receiver Deshean Jackson will find it more difficult to produce the type of numbers he had with McNabb at the helm.The Eagles seem to be in a transitional phase, ridding themselves of their longtime key offensive members  Bryant Westbrook and Donovan Mcnabb.  The fact that they could not get an established player along with draft picks is to me, an egregious error by the Eagles.  It remains to be seen who they will draft, but surely the Eagles could have landed a player who has already proven himself at the NFL level, to help the team this season.

The players the Eagles draft from the 3 picks they received may pan out, but it will be difficult for them to equal the type of play that McNabb has shown to be capable of.  One thing is for certain, I'm sure every Eagles fan will be circling the date of Mcnabb's next game in Philly on their calendar.

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