Fear Not Eagles Fans: Donovan McNabb Will Choke With The Redskins Too

WesAnalyst IApril 5, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 03:  Quarterback Donovan McNabb #5 of the Philadelphia Eagles walks off the field during a 24-0 loss against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on January 3, 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Close your eyes for a second.

No, not yet.

Wait until I paint a picture for you. Actually, it should be considered more of a scribbled drawing, but what are you gonna' do?

The Washington Redskins trail the Philadelphia Eagles by four with less than two minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Pick the stadium, time of year and day, and yard line. The last few particulars don’t matter.

Do whatever you want. Make it the second week of the regular season or the NFC Championship game, and put Donovan McNabb on his own 20 yard line or ours. I really don’t care.

The point is, McNabb is under center and he has to march the Redskins into the end zone for a game-winning touchdown.

The scene is set. Now it’s time to unveil the characters.

Clinton Portis is lined up in the backfield; Santa Moss is split to the right; Antwaan Randle El to the left, actually he's no longer on the team, so put some stiff out there instead; Chris Cooley comes in motion to the near side as McNabb barks out the call.

Okay, close your eyes as you picture that brief scenario and tell me who you fear and how concerned you are in McNabb leading the Redskins to victory.

I actually fear our own defense before I fear McNabb. At this point, I am more concerned about our defense getting holding penalties to breathe life into an otherwise dead attempt at a miracle win.

Get a grip people.

McNabb is not going to become some unbelievable quarterback who wins championships all of a sudden.

What makes you think he is going to do something different with the Redskins?

Is he suddenly going to play better because he is wearing maroon or burgundy or some variation of red instead of midnight green? Is he going to be transformed into a clutch performer because he traveled about three hours south on I-95? Is he going to improve on his accuracy because he feels appreciated and loved? Will he find a way to run the two minute offense because his new teammates think his Guitar Hero rendition totally rocks?

The notion that McNabb is going to come back to haunt the Eagles is laughable at best. I would like to know how he is going to haunt us. Maybe he will sneak into my closet and yell “boo” before I go to bed.

Outside of that he has no chance to haunt the Eagles, me, you, or anyone else who dies a painful death with the Eagles every year.

The only thing that will haunt the Eagles is their defense. Not McNabb, not even Kevin Kolb. It is the defense.

McNabb has played the game long enough, and been given enough opportunities to perform in clutch situations that any sane or logical thinking individual should realize that McNabb should not be feared.

He is not going to win games in clutch situations, he is not going to win an NFC Championship, and he is not going to win the Super Bowl.

Actually, now that I know he is on the Redskins, that is one less team I have to worry about beating the Eagles in the postseason. Every blind loyalist that supports McNabb whined like a brat when he didn’t have “weapons” in Philly, and that was the reason he never succeeded.

Well what weapons does he have in Washington that strike the fear of God in you? Is it a run-down Portis? Or is it a tight end (not even a receiver or running back) in Cooley? Unless he goes Mark Bavaro on the Eagles, I’m pretty sure he is not going to single-handedly transform McNabb into John Elway late in the game. Okay, Moss could be feared, but we already feared him with Jason Campbell at quarterback. It’s not like the guy is going to get any more open now that McNabb is in town.

McNabb has shown us what he is. The fans have seen the routine long enough to know the outcome before it happens. We all knew he was going to go into Dallas, lay an egg, and he did. We all knew he was going to screw up against the Pats in the Super Bowl, and he did. When the Eagles were at the 50-yard line against the Arizona Cardinals with two minutes remaining in the NFC Championship, McNabb proved us right once again as he choked.

So why in the world of everything that is holy about football, do you think McNabb is going to turn into a clutch performer when he goes to Washington? What do Eagle fans have to fear? I may get suggestions, but none of them will be logical and none of them will be correct.

Every fan that claims McNabb is going to haunt the Eagles this season should have their head examined, because unless he morphs into some unknown football god he is going to choke.

Go ahead, close your eyes and think of ways McNabb will haunt you. Even in your wildest dreams I doubt you can come up with one.