All Eyes On Jason Heyward As MLB Comes To an Open

Patrick MacCoonContributor IApril 5, 2010

JUPITER, FL - MARCH 17:  Outfielder Jason Heyward #71 of the Atlanta Braves bats against the Florida Marlins at Roger Dean Stadium on March 17, 2010 in Jupiter, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

 The MLB season is back and it's one of the most anticipated seasons in recent memory. The Red Sox set the stage last night, as they beat the New York Yankees 9-7. However, there has been specifically one player who has recieved all of the talk around the league and has even been compared to Hank Aaron by his manager.

The hyped up 20 year old goes by the name of Jason Heyward.

The 6-foot-4 245 pound right fielder has been the most anticipated and talked about rookie in the last decade. After all he is the No. 1 prospect in all of baseball even ahead of the Nationals flamethrower Stephen Strasburg. Fans, managers, and scouts aren't the only people anticipating his debut as many of his teammates are as well. Chipper Jones stated that he thinks Heyward is much more well rounded of a player than Andruw Jones was when he was an aspiring 20 year old centerfielder. It almost seems as if the hype is too good too be true. All Heyward needs to do now is play the game and prove the hype is true, as the Braves will take on the Chicago Cubs today for their season opener.

Scouts who have seen Heyward play haven't even been able to spot any flaws in his game so far. Heywards spring training numbers proved that to point. Heyward hit .305 with a homer and five RBI's this spring and also stole four bases. Even more impressive was his plate discipline. In 59 at-bats this spring Heyward drew 10 walks while striking out 11 times. If he can carry these numbers into the season he should have no trouble at all of winning rookie of the year.

The last rookie to receive anywhere near the hype that Heyward has received was Albert Pujols in 2003 and it just so happens that many scouts have compared the 20 year old to Pujols as well. The hype surrounding Heyward is off the charts.

As soon as Heyward steps to the plate in his first at-bat on Monday expect the fans in Turner Field to go absolutely crazy, not only because they realize this young mans tremendous potential but also because he is an Atlanta native.

So as far now Heyward is considered a baby brave but if the hype is true one day he will be considered a legendary Brave. The J-Hey kid is the real deal.