Miami Dolphins Offseason 2010: Is There Really Super Bowl Hopes in Their Future?

Luis GonzalezCorrespondent IApril 5, 2010

Is Karlos Dansby really the only move the Miami Dolphins need to make to get over the championship hump?

I highly doubt it, with a free agency that has even seen a couple of franchise players jump ship—like LT to the New York Jets, the horrible and over rated team that we beat last year, and Donovan McNabb to the Redskins.

With the hail storm of activity in this offseason the inactivity of our Dolphins, who came off a 7-9 season, is iffy at best.

Letting go of dead weight like Joey Porter and Jason Taylor enables us to get creative in the draft, but with the exception of the last two years our drafts are hardly ones of example.

In fact, there might be three to four players still on the roster drafted by the Dolphins from '02 till '07.

I will admit this draft is better in potential and quality then we have seen in recent memory, but with strong needs at the safety, corner, linebacker, running back, wide receiver, and in my personal opinion quarterback we will hardly fill the needs with only seven picks.

With free agents like Terrell Owens, fast Willie Parker, and Brian Westbrook still on the market with low risk in the upcoming uncapped year, the Dolphins should write a couple veteran minimums to help bolster our winning traditions back to the days of perfection.

T.O. could add much needed discipline and fire to a WR core that has yet to impress anyone in the league, with the exception of efforts from Davone Bess.

Brian Westbrook or Willie Parker could be signed for steals and if they bust we don't even have any penalties (and if they don't then our wildcat cat can at least go into sabertooth tiger mode).

The draft has a couple of potential sleepers that could also help us get back into the championship swing of things.

Taylor Mays or Earl Thomas would handily fill the safety void left by an overpaid, under-producing Girbril Wilson.

Matt Price from Ohio, a possession receiver who can catch anything and is projected to go in the third to fourth rounds, ran about a 4.33 40-yard dash in the Combine and impressed in the senior bowl.

Jacobi Ford is the speedster from Clemson, but he may slip into the second or third round and would be an excellent accompaniment to Teddy "I can't catch to save my life" Ginn Jr., and the ever so hard working Davone Bess.

At running back Jahvid Best, C.J. Spiller, Johnathan Dwyer, Toby Gearhart (maybe as FB projects), and even the kid from Wayne state, Bell, are all well suited to help with our offensive scheme.

At quarterback I would love to draft Sam Bradford because I believe he is the real deal and the next franchise QB.

Other sleeper picks that I believe may pan out are the much maligned Tim Tebow, who is a proven winner, Tony Pike, a super skinny QB who has a good frame and personality of what you want your franchise QB to be, and lastly John Skeltor from Fordham, who I personally believe is this drafts version of Joe Flacco—an unpolished arm that needs a good NFL QB coach.

At CB there's Joe Haden who's got great ball skills, but is a little slow with a 4.6 40-yard dash time, and there is Kyle Wilson from Boise State, who to me is the best CB in the draft.

At LB there is Rolando McClain of Alabama, Pat Angerer of Iowa, and Darrell Sharpton of the greatest team in existence, The U.

At O-line two or three really interest me because I know for a fact they are franchise lineman. There is Sam Young of Notre Dame, a 6'6" 330 pound tackle that can play either left or right and is a great natural talent. Brian Bulaga of Iowa looks like the next Justin Smiley out there, and if we could steal him, Vladimir Ducasse, is an O-line talent from UMASS that could be the next Michael Oher.

With viable options out there and every team including the Bills and Browns trying to pave the Super Bowl road, the Dolphins better stop stalling and at least make a call to the contractors because if we don't we'll be the only ones left behind in the dust.

We must get back to the days where we had less excuses and more victories. Let's go Tony, to me your the best coach we've had since Shula but if you don't get Jeff Ireland cranking soon, under .500 could be the harsh reality of yet another season.