WWE's Biggest Problem: Its Creative Staff

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IApril 3, 2010

Hey guys, I am back. This time I am writing something new so I hope I succeed in it.

I am going to talk about the WWE’s biggest problem, which is not the PG era, not John Cena winning too many titles(no offense to Cena and he B.T.W is my favorite wrestler but it's just getting a bit repetitive) , and not Raw’s guest host concept.

It's the root cause of each of these issues, the WWE "Creative Staff."

I actually had a lot of hopes for this year's WrestleMania. I thought that it would change the landscape of the WWE once and for all. In fact, I was so enthusiastic that I even wrote an article about it, but the event disappointed me.

Aside from the last three main event matches, there was absolutely nothing to cheer about. I would rate these matches at about seven out of 10, but the other matches were not properly booked, thanks to the thinking of the WWE creative staff. 

They ruined the opening match by making it a squash match, and made one of the most anticipated Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon matches turn into a mockery by throwing the Hart family into it.

They also did something they have been criticized for before, by having a squash Divas match, throwing in 10 of them just as a filler. Perhaps giving less time to the Triple H vs. Sheamus and CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio match.

This really pissed me off, seeing them convert what could have been an event to remember into just an average one.

In fact, the only reason this Mania will be remembered will be because it was Shawn Michaels' last match. Therefore, I decided to write this article in hope that Vinnie Mac reads this and fires his creative staff.

Clearly the WWE is the land of opportunities. Recently, I wrote an article about the various feuds possible, and I don’t know the quality of it, but with so many wrestlers working for you, with tons of talent at your disposal, just a bit of effort can help you do wonders.

However, I guess that the creative staff needs to changed first. I apologize for being rude, but I have seen enough blunders being committed by this staff and cannot watch the downfall of one of my favorite things in life. 

The WWE creative staff is giving us little to cheer about. In fact, the essential thing for the WWE is to create great story lines and feuds the fans can invest in.

I am not a good WWE historian, nor a regular WWE viewer, but I can still list a variety of mistakes they have committed in the recent years. 

Here’s a look at a few of them. 

They turned Kane into a jobber (wrestler who consistently loses). Wasn’t Kane once known as the most intimidating guy ever? The man who scared kids most of the time? What is his position now?

I mean, he is nothing less than a seven-foot monster who is jobbing to young and new talent, fighting in useless pay-per-view matches just for the sake of it.

This guy could have actually been in the main event scene, or upper mid-carder, but at the moment his position in the WWE is equal to Evan Bourne.

When was the last time we saw him in an good match at Mania? The guy has been converted into a glorified jobber because of the WWE creative staff's poor focus and utilization of him. 

They also exploited the careers of Carlito and Primo. This has to go down as one of the worst decisions ever made by the WWE. To this day, I ask why they broke up. They were turning out to be a good tag team.

Carlito is a very talented wrestler with good mic skills, and Primo has a great moveset. By putting the Unified Tag Team Titles on them, they did well together.

Then the creative staff broke them up and converted them both into jobbers with no future in the WWE. 

They split up Cryme Tyme...I just don’t get it. Why did they make this move? Are they developed to a point where they can have single careers? They were a good tag team that could help bring respect back to the tag team division.

They are not the best performers in the ring, but as a tag team, they could develop while getting involved in important story lines. I guess that they dropped the ball there as well. 

The creative team broke up Legacy. I don’t know if I am going to be criticized for this or not. I honestly think that breaking up Legacy was the wrong thing to do because Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were getting a lot of popularity being associated with Randy Orton, and learning a lot.

Now, by breaking them up, these guys will be like the second-commodity on the show. They were also developing well under Orton, but now will have single careers which might hurt them.

I hope they team them up again because they have the spark to be future main event participants, and by throwing them into the singles division, they have ruined this opportunity. 

They made a mess of the Divas Division. This is one of the biggest blunders they have committed. The Divas department is nothing more than a joke, which is being used as a filler to consume air time.

Don’t they understand that every time the Divas come on, the true wrestling fans just change the channel? When was the last time you had a Divas story line you could actually invest in?

For a long time, they have been involving Divas in feuds but at the pay-per-views you find 10 of them in one match, and people get a chance to criticize them.

The creative team stopped Kofi Kingston's push. I think that they did a great job by pushing Kofi Kingston against Randy Orton, but I don’t know why they stopped it.

The point is that once you start pushing a guy he starts climbing a ladder to the main event scene, but by stopping his push they threw him back to the base of the ladder.

I don’t see this as good thinking because you need more main event participants with Michaels gone, and Taker and Batista likely taking a break.

It was turning out to be one hell of a feud with a lot of positives, but then the creative team didn't follow through. 

The Hornswoggle vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. angle. This has to be one of the worst story lines ever, with Chavo Guerrero, Jr., a talented wrestler who deserves a lot more than losing matches to Hornswoggle week after week. This storyline is pointless and makes no sense. 

With repeating the same boring story lines, they have made WWE quite predictable. For example, having Cena win almost all his matches or letting the same Divas always walk out as winners in those 10 Diva matches.

It's good they did not do this at Mania, and now they really have to think stuff up and expand their imagination to come up with better feuds. They should go back and see how unpredictable the WWE used to be in the past. 

They have reduced the importance of the Intercontinental Championship and U.S. Title. It is a good way to develop the mid-card, but lately there have not been any rivalries for it.

Back when Rey and Jericho or even until Rey and Ziggler fought for the IC Title, it had a lot of importance, but now they have put it on Drew McIntyre, not involving him in any major feud for the title.

Similarly, with the U.S. Title, ever since Miz won it there have not been any important feuds for the title. As a result, these title are losing their importance. 

Not giving the deserving guys a chance. This is one more thing which makes me want to hate the WWE creative staff. They have really ignored some of the talent who have actually deserved a lot more.

Guys like Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, and Goldust have a lot of talent, but have not been utilized for it. I agree that it is good to focus on the new stars who can be main event participants, but it does not mean that you should just ignore the others. 

I would like to add that they have given birth to another big problem and that is "Jobber Mania," which is a big disgrace to the WWE so it’s time that they shake things up.

As you see, the WWE creative staff has made a lot of mistakes, and has not converted opportunities into successful outcomes. Instead, they have made the product stale.

I am sorry if I have left anything out, I am not a historian, but if you need to add something, then you may let me know.

In my opinion, the root cause of all the problems is the WWE creative staff, who needs to be replaced. 

What do you guys think? Do you agree with me or not? Please let me know. I will be ready to take the criticism, because I am a true WWE fan and won’t mind. Any comments will be acceptable.


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