Really, Shaun Rogers? Cleveland Browns' Tackle Defies Logic with Gun Arrest

Kyle W. BrownContributor IIApril 2, 2010

CLEVELAND - 2009:  Shaun Rogers of the Cleveland Browns poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by NFL Photos)
NFL Photos/Getty Images

Another NFL player was arrested yesterday. The Cleveland Browns' Shaun Rogers was arrested at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

The reason for the charge? The three-time Pro Bowler attempted to carry a .45-calibre semi-automatic, which was loaded with eight rounds, onto a plane.

Just please, allow that one to sink in.

All I can think about is SNL's "Weekend Update" segment years ago when Michael Vick was busted for trying to take weed onto a plane.

Really, Shaun Rogers? You decided to attempt to take something illegal, like a concealed firearm, onto one of the most secured objects in the world, an airplane? Really? Your reason for it was that you forgot? Really?

Now before the commentators start to argue this point, forgetting that you have a loaded firearm in your carry-on bag should maybe cause just as much concern.

The 6'4", 350 pound nose tackle has stated that he is remorseful about what happened and will be fully cooperative with the police. His attorney has posted the $1,000 bail and should have Rogers released today. Rogers spent last night in jail.

The implications for what this could mean for Rogers' relationship with the Browns still remains to be seen. Browns president Mike Holmgren has said that he will not comment until the legal process is over, but some analysts are speculating that Rogers may suffer either league or team suspensions.

Rogers missed the final five games of the last season with a broken leg, but many believe Rogers to be one of the top players on the Cleveland squad.

"Shaun is from a tremendous family that knows right from wrong," said Rogers' attorney Patrick D'Angelo. "He is completely remorseful and sorry."

Rogers' only prior league violation was in 2006, when he was suspended for four games while playing with the Detroit Lions for violating the league's substance-abuse policy.

He has been the subject of many trade rumors, and his contract extends into 2013.