A Letter to Vince McMahon: Use the WWE Divas Right or Don't Use Them at All

Christi LottCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  Michelle McCool poses on the turnbuckle before facing Victoria and Natalya during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
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Dear Mr. McMahon,

You are a smart businessman, as evidenced by the WWE and the millions of fans it has. There are few mistakes that have been made in your illustrious career running the WWE. However, one near constant failure is in the lack of proper use of your divas.

While there are great highlights in the history of women's wrestling in the WWE, they are few and far between. Yes, many of us fans are old enough to remember watching Trish Stratus' meteoric rise, Lita's insane skills, Victoria's crazy drive, and Molly Holly's incredible wrestling abilities. The Attitude/Invasion Era was a time when there were divas used in the ring, and there were divas rightfully and smartly kept outside of it.

So I ask, Mr. McMahon, what happened?

In the past few months alone it is doubtful that the amount of time the divas have put into their matches adds up to a total of an hour, and that's with both shows combined. Just this past RAW alone, the divas had a match in which the divas' champion was pinned simply after flipping her hair, and the match was over in nearly 25 seconds. Huh?

Mr. McMahon, you've got some great and superb talent on your divas roster.

Beth Phoenix is the true essence of the word "Glamazon" and is always a powerful presence. Mickie James is a great little spitfire with name recognition that is extremely hard to come by these days in Diva-Land. Michelle McCool is a fiercely athletic, competitively vicious superstar. Melina is an insanely gifted star. Gail Kim probably has the quickest move set in the WWE. Natalya is without a doubt one of the greatest pure wrestlers on the roster—man or woman. The list goes on and on and on.

You've got TWO titles for the divas to contend for. Ideally it's meant for a lot of opportunities for different divas to be champions, right? Yet there are rarely title defenses for the divas on the PPVs, and it seems that both titles have rotated around the same four or five women.

I don't mean to step out of my place, but I'm a fan, and I have to say that these divas and others just aren't being used right. I know there's a belief out there that fans are not behind the divas, that we think that they're only good for bathroom breaks and eye candy. But if YOU, Mr. McMahon, yes YOU, gave us something different, the divas wouldn't be that. It was not that long ago that the divas were more than what they are now. It's not too late to change that.

It's not only me who would say that. The divas are no different than the male superstars. We can gripe and complain when our favorite star isn't being pushed or getting a title shot, but I doubt anyone would say it of an entire part of the roster like we do about the divas.

Use your talent for what they are: TALENT. Or simply don't use them at all.


A WWE and Diva Fan

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