Time For Barry Bonds. Joe Girardi Makes Changes to NY Yankee's Woeful Line Up

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IJuly 12, 2008

Washington DC

July 12, 2008

I would like to thank the good coach for making Chad Moeller a Yankee starter, when Posada is not able to play.  Just say no to Jose's lack of offense. 

When the New York offense has been this bad as of late, Mr. Girardi finally changed it up resulting in an impressive bang earning the fans buck. The result was a big offense win of 9 to 4 over the Jays.

Recently Joe has said that "defense and pitching wins the games."  Pitching, yes.  Defense, no.  Yanks had 4 errors and won because of the mighty bat.  If Mr. Girardi truly believed that theory then he would have to explain Bobby Abreu (bad defense)  in Paul O'Nelis right field (video). 

Abreus' saving grace is he has a bat, not a glove.  When Damon and Matsui are back healthy again, hopefully Joe would consider playing these two with Cabrera, while using Abreu as the DH.

It is the offense, or lack there of Mr. Girardi

Get Bonds before another team does it first.  NY already has bad media attention on them for that issue.  There are far worse scandals going on for the media to pay attention to, and A-Rod could use a break from the spot light!  

Rumor has it that Bonds only requires the league minimum salary, and says that he would dontate that to the kids who are fans of that team.  Refreshing to hear!  He may have to call Hank, like A-Rod, who supports Bonds too, and lose his agent, like A-Rod did, Scott Borsih.

Jose Molina is a good defensive catcher that can throw the ball, but that takes a back seat seeing as how he constantly strands runners in scoring position while slumping at the plate. 

Right now Molina is hitting 226, versus Moeller at 255, and leading Molina in all run production areas, which include sluggin %, One base %, and even home runs. All the while - Molina has played a whopping 58 games to Moellers' 25!

Chad Moeller is in todays' game which is a relief to finally see!  Now, let him play a couple of games to get his bat on.  What's the risk? Of course play Posada when able while not ruining the arm, but when Jorge isn't in the game, then play Chad because his average is better, and it is too important with all the pitching woes to at least have players that can hit, in the game.

Joe made other changes, putting Giambi where he was originally intended-in the clean up position. Jason has 54 RBI, to Abreus' 59, but also has played in 9 less games and has had almost one hundred (100!?) less at bats.  He is also tied with A-Rod in Home Runs while having 9 less at bats then Alex.  Oh, it's true!

So the line-up looks like this:

1-Jeter, been a long time since fans have seen Capt America leading off, he was thus far 2 for 5.

   Damon's normal spot when healthy, with speed and 2nd highest average on the team.

2-Abreu, don't know about Bobby.  Abreu went 1 for 5, which about his average this year, and he hits into too many double plays as well.

  This is where Jeter will be.

3-A-Rod.  Nice to see someone more clutch hitting third, he went 2 for 5.

   Matsui with the highest batting average on the team should be hitting third to move the runners (Jeter) and score them too (Damon).  If Matsui will not be back soon - HELLO BARRY BONDS, and welcome to the 3 hole.

4-Welcome home Big G! Leading the team in run production with much more less at bats than Abreu, A-Rod etc. Went 0 for 4 today, yikes.

  This is where A-Rod should be, and will.

5-Posada.  The switchie is DH today, went 0 for 3. 

     This is where Giambi should be, with A-Rod in his normal spot, 4th.

6. Cano, went 1 for 5. 

     Posada should be here, power and average plus a switchie.

7. Cabrera, went 2 for 5. 

     Hello Mr. Abreu, welcome to your new spot.  He has  power, and some average, but hits into too many double plays in the 3 spot, and it is important to score in the first inning.

8. Moeller, went 0 for 3, ouch. Give him a chance, he still is better than Jose, bat wise. See above remarks.

   Cabrera's spot normally.

9. Gardner (little g) 2 for 2!


Note: The above is for when Posada plays.  If Moeller is playing, then Posada DH's and Moeller moves to 8th. I think Abreu is the everyday DH, but when Posada has to, then Bobby plays right, but no way as a full time guy- his miscues cost too many runs.


All things being equal, NY should play the better bat because the starting pitching is there, and with Damon, Matsui and Cabrera then outfield's defense is better too. 

Arm or no arm, miscues in the outfield equate to runs; and his arm does not make up for the runs scored by his miscues.  Not even close. Abreu has missed balls, let homers out  while not jumping (Pedroia), pulled up on flies, is wall shy, and has made too many errant throws to the plate.  Not good.

They say Joe is like Billy Martin (The Wizard, Stengels' Boy), which he can only hope to be, but both had the right field laziness issue.  I am waiting to see what Joe does.  Billy kicked Reggie in the butt. 

When everyone can hit the ball, then NY could nit-pick away about what handed the bat is vs what handed the pitcher is, and how that player hits a particular player.  For now, play all bats -because what good is a defense that can't hit on a big money team?

Rasner, Moose and Joba- who changed his name legally as a teen, and other publications still disrespectfully list him as being named Justin; yet I digress - have all fallen victim while giving up 3 or less runs and losing constantly, because of a sore offense.  Joe just showed that he is willing to shake it up to score, and win.

Mr. Girardi's shook up the line up, and they scored 9 runs by the fourth inning.  I am sure that his pitching can hold onto that kind of lead, regardless of the defense. Yanks had 4 errors on the day and won 9 to 4 because of their hitting!

Now, about that pitching-is NY's Hal sure he doesn't want to trade any prospects, considering that 50-50, at best, late inning bull pen?



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