Open Alex Rodriguez Apology: No Madonna- But Wifey? Pot Meet Kettle...In Paris!

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IJuly 6, 2008

Washington DC

July 7th 2008

At first hearing the unsultry rumor, being an Alex Rodriguez fan, I was ticked off.  It sounded like he had abandoned his wife, and children right after child birth; and turned his back on his Catholic upbringing. Why does any fan deserve to be ticked, because we flip the bill and only demand some standrds in return for the millions we pay from The Yankee Universe.

Madonna set the record straight today, finally.  She isn't divorcing her husband, who she left the country with to live in England, because she despises America, and Americans. Oh it's true, she said it.  However, graciously she denied all rumors of an affair, though is helping A-Rod stray from his religion, despite denying that too.

I was upset, because it is a pretty simple rule, though hard to follow for most.  You have to be loved, and love others back....constantly.   When followed all commandments are respected as is God, for those who still believe. 

Cindy has certainly turned on her religion, has hired attornies, and filed for divorce, despite the Church's frowning on divorce.

Cindy Rodriguez is a different story too, who ran off with A-Rods trainer and CIndy's new Romeo, Romero to Paris (the city of love?) to visit with pop star, and fellow divorcee, Lenny Kravitz. She is now "going his way"and each of them are sniping A-Rod from a far.  Kravitz actually texted A-Rod saying "clear my name bro, what is all this sh-t?"  Lenny should know that Alex didn't throw him under that garbage truck on top of him, his wife and her boy-friend, Romero, did.  Romero, by the way, stole Alex's money as his ex-trainer, and now apparently, his family too.

And I do mean alll of them are sniping A-Rod too.  Cindy, quit cheating and grow up, the only one lost is you! And that pimp Romero whom you expose to your kids!

Look, pit falls exist in life, especially for the famous who people flock too, and sometimes people get lost.  There is no excuse to flogg anyone, especially one's husband, over his questioning his faith.  That type thing helps faith grow. 

Now, Cindy's job is her family, and unless she is now single; she belongs faithfully by his side...and not with his ex-trainer while taking his kids away to a strange land, to vent or otherwise pretend she is single.  She is not on my love list, that is for sure. Pretty trashy this little thing is, wearing a F-U tee shirt to Yankee Stadium last year, to merely spite fans alone. 

Hey Cindy, how's our money spend in Paris anyhow?  It is our business too, so deflate that fat head of yours, and get back in NYC where you belong, with your husband, until he is your has-been!  Gallivanting in Paris with strange men does your children a disservice, and sends the wrong message to all young ladies altogether. 

In this predicament one does not choose to do what one wants, and that is called being selfish.  She should do what's best for her kids, not her wallet. If not for A-Rod and his fans, neither of you would have what you got, get it? Get your fanny home, and bring Alex's kids back too.  He is simply looking to better himself, and that can only be of benefit to all, and most importantly the kids.

In other words, MRS. Rodriguez, quit yer whining because it is disengenious and shows how spoiled you really have become.  Trainers should not be talking for anyone, especially that jerk.  Mind boggling to say the least, irresponsible at best.  Want to be anonymous?  Good, go live in England; maybe Madonna can help you out spiritually, because your kids will need it. 

Sorry Alex. Didn't mean to shoot you down in my ealier articles, my bad, I should have waited to hear it from you.  Now then, go to confession and renew youself and clean the spirit.  Yes, we have a cleansing process too in the Catholic Church, it's called confession; and not to the Daily News, who only think that they are priests worthy of it.  Maybe they are, but only to the deranged people who belive the sales job that they print.  They're stuff isn't worth the paper it's printed on. They actually have detectives following A-Rod, and now Clemens too. So far these pros have only reported fluff, as all gossip has turned into nothing.    

I guess we now know why A-Rod was trying to clean out the old, because Old Cindy seems like she is the only one cheating. Besides, A-Rod could land a lot hotter, and loyal wife anyhow.  We don't want you in Baseball's Hottest Wives Club, that requires good looks and attittude, which you seem to lack now-a-day.  Divorce, just wonderful, for what? Going to church and having fellowship?