Creature vs. Creature: Roy Nelson Will Tear Down “The Skyscraper” at UFN

Robert GardnerSenior Analyst IMarch 30, 2010

Here we go fight fans; the UFC is getting ready to put on its third card in 10 days and there is no drop off as far as interesting matchups are concerned.

While the lightweight matchup between Kenny Florian and Takanori Gomi will be the main attraction, the matchup that I have my eye on features 6’11” Stefan ‘The Skyscraper” Struve taking on TUF champion Roy “Big Country” Nelson.

For this edition of “Creature vs. Creature” Colton Whittemore and I will be breaking down this intriguing heavyweight showdown.

I have chosen to throw my support behind the rotund body of crafty veteran, Roy Nelson, for this matchup.

Despite a 9” reach and an 11” height advantage, the young Dutchman, Struve, really doesn’t bring anything to the table that Nelson hasn’t already dealt with during his career.

The only real advantage I can see for Struve in this fight will be to utilize his reach and pick his opponent apart on the outside.

But, once Nelson can close the distance it will pretty much be over for Struve.

For being a rather hefty fellow, Nelson moves with great agility and a surprising amount of quickness. Nelson also possesses KO power in his hands—just ask Brendan Schaub—and a BJJ black belt from Renzo Gracie.

Look for Nelson to test the waters on the feet early and often; if Paul Buentello can find his range on “The Skyscraper”, Nelson should be able to find more than a few openings.

Struve is still a very young fighter and although he comes from a kickboxing background he hasn’t really learned how to use his greatest asset and fight tall. Too often Struve closes the distance allowing opponents to get inside on him and do damage.

On the ground, Struve has a nice little submission game and his long limbs will present some problems for Nelson but “Big Country” is just too skilled and experienced a grappler for his young opponent.

Unlike Struve, Nelson really knows how to take advantage of his physical gifts—if you can call having a large belly a gift.

Nelson’s midsection weight allows him to keep a large amount of constant pressure on his opponents while he attempts submissions and advances his position.

Ultimately, Nelson just has more tools and more ways to win. Even though Nelson is known for his excellent ground game look for him to show off his improved striking once again and end the fight via TKO in the second round.

Seems pretty cut and dry right?

Well my colleague Mr. Whittemore believes that it will be Struve who wins this battle of opposites.

For a look at his take on how things will play out click here .