Nail in the NFC West Coffin: 49ers Need To Start Thinking Super Bowl

Brian WinettCorrespondent IIIMarch 30, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - FEBRUARY 07:  Quarterback Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints celebrates with the Vince Lombardi Trophy after his team defeated the Indianapolis Colts during Super Bowl XLIV on February 7, 2010 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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I hear a lot of talk about how the 49ers are now the front-runners to win the NFC West. 

What I don't see is anybody doing any f-ing thing about it.

Let's be honest, the Niners have gotten no established players in the offseason who were outside of their roster ending the 2009 season. Not one.

In order to be Super Bowl contenders, we need to win the West by bringing in some established NFL talent to supplement the future stars we will be getting in the draft.

Donovan McNabb—Get him!

I've heard people talking about how Donovan makes too much money, or how he'll push the budget for quarterbacks too high. 

This is an uncapped year!  What should we care what the Yorks spend? 

They're billionaires! That's at least one thousand millions, and that's a lot of millions. 

The Yorks will still eat their steak tartare and their Kobe beef every night if they spring for one year for McNabb. It's not a big deal.

What will we give for him? A second-rounder is fine. Also, what Pat Kirwan of NFL.COM suggests in his article about NFC team needs is even better.  When talking about the 49ers, Kirwan wote:

Here's the team that should go get Donovan McNabb and put this young talented roster over the top. With two first-round picks, they might be able to switch No. 13 for the Eagles' No. 24 and get the McNabb deal done. The Niners with McNabb and two first-round picks could be the favorite in the NFC West. The team needs a safety and an outside backer with pass rush skills. On offense, one of the first-round picks will be dedicated to a right tackle. Later in the draft, a situational running back like Dexter McCluster would be a solid choice.

I know what a lot of you 49er fans are going to say—and it's what I feel too—what if Haden is there at No. 13 and now we can't take him? Or for you littler brains (and I say that with affection and because I am all riled up right now, so don't take this personally), what if Spiller is available and we miss out on him? 

Well, it's time to be a champion and make a championship decision.

First of all, there's no guarantee that Haden or Spiller will be there at No. 13. And with a deep enough draft at tackle, we can very well get a tackle at No. 24 in the trade with Philly.  

Let's say, worst case scenario, we did just trade the 13th pick and now have picks No. 17 & No. 24.

Here's a list of Scout.Com's BPA talent board number's 17-25:

CB17 Devin McCourtySR5-11/186/-RutgersMontvale, NJ
DT18 Dan WilliamsSR6-2/329/-TennesseeMemphis, TN
S19 Taylor MaysSR6-3/231/-USCSeattle, WA
OT20 Bruce CampbellJR6-7/310/-MarylandHamden, CT
DE21 Everson GriffenJR6-3/265/-USCAvondale, AZ
OT22 Anthony DavisJR6-6/325/-RutgersPiscataway, NJ
OLB23 Sean WeatherspoonSR6-1/241/-MissouriJasper, TX
OG24 Mike IupatiSR6-5/325/-IdahoAnaheim, CA
WR25 Golden TateJR5-11/195/-Notre DameHendersonville, TN

So we still get two of those players.  I LOVE Golden Tate.  Mays is still there.  Campbell, Davis, and Iupati are all there.


Sure, we probably gave up the possibility of getting Joe Haden, but we pretty much just sealed the NFC West and didn't give up a single draft pick for our future.

In my estimation, Donovan McNabb is going to love playing in San Francisco, with its history and the unconditional love of its fans, in comparison to the unconditional hate in Philadelphia—one of the worst big cities in America.

Because of that, I see McNabb signing on to play long-term in San Francisco.

Alex Smith—Trade Him Now

One first-round bust at QB is enough. With McNabb in, Alex Smith deserves a chance to play—somewhere else. If we can get something for him, we should. 

Hell, David Carr might be upset now that he's not going to get a chance to start, and since the situation has changed since when he signed his contract, and he might be unhappy, you can trade him, too, or release him from his contract.

I am not saying this is best for the team, I am saying this is best for the players if McNabb is in now—and you have to always be looking for win-win situation.

The 49ers win with McNabb. Smith and Carr win with opportunities elsewhere (although I would like it if Carr stayed).

A good scenario here would be to package Alex Smith with our second-round pick to move up in the second round and get Jahvid Best (the same way the Eagles would have with McNabb).

Even with the 24th pick now, the Niners can package that with Alex Smith for an additional high second-round pick this year and a first-round pick next year.

It seems like every year (except for this year, although they did this for 2011 with the Raiders) the Patriots pull off some trade like this that gives them an extra first-round draft pick.

The point is, trading for McNabb gives us some flexibility here to trade with.  We can then target players we want that are below the value of our picks and trade in that value for future picks, or being able to trade up to get a player we want in a later round.

Getting McNabb gives us both stability in on the field and flexibility in our approach to the draft, and our long-term vision as a team.

McNabb gives us the Yin and the Yang of an NFL roster, putting the 49ers in a perfect natural balance of win now and build for the future.

We never have to go through the Donahue Era again with this approach.

There's more to the puzzle though that gives us even more Yin-Yang (stability and flexibility) balance in harmony with the football gods.

Chester Pitts—Sign Him

Or at least one of these OG's listed as the top UFA's at the position again from (I don't just quote b/c I work with FOX in my day job—I actually like them):

We need a mean OG and Pitts fits the bill. Anyone of these guys will be good for us, as they fill an immediate need and it gives us more opportunity to draft away from the offensive line in the draft.

See, right now, we're tied down in our draft largely by our needs. It's foolish to draft rookies to fill needs when you have established veterans who can play the position.

Besides, having an inexperienced line by drafting two starters in the first round isn't going to be Mike Singletary's dream scenario.

Again, stability with a veteran and established player lends to flexibility in the draft.

The Yin and the Yang.

Pat Kirwan said it the best, "Donovan McNabb (will) put this young talented roster over the top." Why not now? And if not now, when?

We have more evidence to suggest that Alex Smith and David Carr can't get us to the Super Bowl than we have evidence that they can.

Donovan McNabb's 2009 stats—22 touchdowns vs. 10 picks, 3500+ yards, two rushing touchdowns and 60-plus percent completion rating—will put the 49ers where they belong—on top.

It's been so long for us, it's time to start talking about winning Super Bowls again, not just making the playoffs.

Every move the 49ers have made so far has been timid playoffs moves that are shoring up an NFC West that has already been handed to us.

Now it's time to start thinking Super Bowls.


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