Minnesota Vikings: Forget About Donovan McNabb for Now

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Minnesota Vikings: Forget About Donovan McNabb for Now
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League sources are indicating that Donovan McNabb may find a new home relatively shortly.

That home is the black hole known as Oakland.

Reports are saying that the Raiders may be offering their second-round pick in this year's draft for McNabb.

But what does that mean for the Vikings—a potential McNabb suitor? To be honest, absolutely nothing.

McNabb is a 33-year old quarterback that doesn't have a lot of football left. He has one year left on his contract and unless he goes to a contending team, it's unlikely he'll sign an extension.

With Favre still undecided on his future, many Vikings fans are thinking the team should grab McNabb just in case. However, if Favre decided to come back, what makes you think McNabb would be happy about sitting on the bench for a year?

In all likelihood, Favre will be back in 2010—I don't think there's anything that's going to stop him from doing so. He had a blast last year playing for the Vikings and they ended up a ridiculous penalty away from the Super Bowl.

With every starter back and possibly an upgrade on the offensive line coming our way via the draft, Favre should feel confident that this team will be just as good, if not better in 2010.

I can't see Favre playing in 2011 no matter what happens next season. That being said, McNabb would be a free agent and there would be no Favre to wait on.

If the Vikings want, they can probably get McNabb in free agency next season. From there, they can start over with him at the helm for three to four years. In that time span, a replacement can be groomed for McNabb.

The Vikings have made a history of turning "washed-up" quarterbacks into stars or solid players again. Guys like Warren Moon, Randal Cunningham, Brett Favre, and to a lesser extent, Brad Johnson, Jeff George, and Gus Frerotte come to mind.

Hopefully, Minnesota can add McNabb to that list someday, but not now. The Vikings don't need to part ways with a high draft pick for an aging quarterback who's likely to become a free agent in a year anyway.

Let's wait a year and see how it all pans out.

Before the news came out that Oakland was close to acquiring McNabb, I was going to flirt around with the idea of a three-way trade involving Minnesota, Philadelphia, and Oakland.

Instead of leaving everyone hanging out to dry, I'll submit my original proposal:

Ray Edwards to Philly, Nnamdi Asomugha to Minnesota, and McNabb to Oakland. The Vikings would also get a fourth round draft pick from Philly and Minnesota would give a fifth round draft pick to Oakland.

I'll let you chew on that for a while...

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