Excuse Me Sir, You Ain't No Raider Fan

Keilyn EllisCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 13:  Bruce Gradkowski #5 of the Oakland Raiders shouts to his team during their game against the Washington Redskins at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on December 13, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Most people say that JaMarcus Russell is the reason the Raiders are losers over the past seven years. They diss him constantly based on biased media conjecture and take it as fact, even when it is that BSPN Frankenstein clone, Adam Scheffter.



Well first off, JaMarcus only played for the Raiders the past three years. the first in which he sat behind 2007's version of Bruce Gradkowski in Josh McCown. Personally I'd rather have the normal throwing McCown back over this over-hyped, height-challenged, side arm slinging, over achiever anyday.


I mean, Nation, I went to youtube to check Godkowski's skills; you know, to see if I am really a hater, or if I missed something. The benefit of the doubt. I referenced the Steeler game here...


Mine eyes have not deceived me. Gradkowski is TERRIBLE. I want the guy to do well in a Raider uniform, but his mechanics and ability is greatly lacking. He benefited greatly, and far to coincidentally with the return of Gallery, Schilens, JLH, and Green.


The protection was stout and the receivers were WIDE open all day with the absence of Polomalu. I mean no one even close. And get this, they actually caught the ball!


People think that I hate Gradkowski because he is the token underskilled white savior player the NFL promotes relentlessly to appease the majority white fans. Not true. The player that I hate the most on the Raiders is Chaz "My toe hurts" Schilens.


Schilens made Russell better with his athletic ability and sure hands, unlike Bey and Murphy. Last season he sprained his vagina in  practice. 12 weeks to wait for Russell to fall. Initial diagnosis: Two weeks. Yall remember.


Raiders fans have short memories. I seem to remember Russell and Schilens tearing up the league at the end of 08 and the beginning of 09. Hell, he even put up plus thirty vs. the Cowboys in the preseason. The same team which pounded Gradkowski into the ground on National T.V. in what we will call the thanksgiving massacre. Who was covering Miles Austin, Nnamdi?


I never thought that Raider fans would put faith in a mascott to be the savior of the Franchise. Gradkowski is cute, but he is no NFL caliber QB for sure. I would have given McFadden a crack before this chump.


If Raiders fans had as much animosity for the opposing teams as they do for the media induced hate for Russell, the Raiders might have something.


If I were a Gradkowski fan, I'd be more angry with the D-linemen who sabotaged his kneecaps than Russell.


Im sorry, but I am a REAL Raider supporter and I can't watch an erratic Garcia clone with no pocket presence run around like a chicken with his head cut off, and then throw the ball up for grabs as he did against Pitt. I swear he closed his eyes on the TD to Schilens.(Replay it)


One thing you must say about Russell is that he ain't afraid to take hits and deliver the pass. Like the comeback victory he led against the Broncos. Frye had been passing scared and backing out of the pocket all game. Russell came in and stepped into his throws and hit the game winner to; who do ya know, Chaz Schilens.


I honestly wish that Al would just cut Grad so that Grad can get a fair opportunity to be cut by the next team he signs with.


And who are these Gradkowski fans posing as Raider fans? I haven's seen this much worship since I last went to church. You'd think this guy was Joe Montana.


For the tired fans, Im sick of the Raider nonsense too, but I don't start it, I just finish it.