Is Raider Nation a Bandwagon?

Darkside KesslerCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2008

This isn't so much an article as it is a question that I wish to receive an answer to. I was recently reading an article here and found a 49er fan call the whole Raider Nation a bunch of bandwagoner's (not sure if that's a word). 

Being a Raider fan, I will give my biased opinion, with examples of why I feel we aren't.  First to address that particular 49er fan who inspired this article.  You are posting negative comments all over this site on RAIDER blogs with upwards of 50 comments. 

Just the shear amount of comments should tell you that the Raider fans are numerous, and the time in which these comments are being posted (basically when the Raiders suck, sorry guys, we do right now) should say a lot about our faithfulness.

Yeah we talk a lot of crap, and we are ALWAYS optimistic about the upcoming season, but what true fan wouldn't be?  Yes the Raiders have had trouble selling out in the last few years, but all teams have times when they don't sell out. 

However, the ones that haven't been having trouble, such as the Chargers, is because they have more fans from opposing teams than their own. They also have the stupid rule where if you buy tickets to an AFC West opponent game, you have to buy tickets to three more games. Not really a true sign of how well they are selling. 

I have been too many Raider games in both San Diego and Oakland,  Oakland sells Raider gear at its games, but if you go to San Diego and watch the Raiders, they sell Raider gear and Charger gear.  Sad I tell ya.

I once spoke to a sports store owner in San Diego where I live and asked him to tell me why there is so much Raider gear in his store? He said, and I quote, "It pays the bills." 

Sorry Charger fans if I am calling you out, but it is the best example I can give since I live here and know how it is.  Bandwagon fans are all over, every team has them, but some teams are worse than others, San Diego is another prime example. 

You see all the colors when their winning, but what happened when they lost a playoff game to the Jets after missing two game winning field goals?  The merch started disappearing.  Again, Charger fans I am just pulling from what I know.

So, do I think Raider Nation is a Bandwagon?  No I don't, but I would like to hear from everyone on this, especially fans of other teams.