2010 NFL Draft: What Will the Seattle Seahawks Do If the Big Five Are Gone?

Bubba GillContributor IMarch 25, 2010

I have heard so much about this coming draft relating to the Seahawks and who they should draft.

Well, here is my question to you, my fellow Seahawk fans.

What will we do if the big five are already drafted?

When I say the big five, I mean QB Sam Bradford, DT Ndamukong Suh, DT Gerald McCoy, S Eric Berry, and LT Russell Okung.

Well, what would the Seattle Seahawks organization do?

Many people have said they should trade their pick and get a lower first rounder and an additional second, third, or fourth rounder. Okay, that's an all right and safe thing to do.

Some have said draft the second-best left tackle still on the board.

Well, who exactly is the second-best left tackle on the board? Depends on who you ask.

Before answering this question, remember Alex Gibbs and his "draft in the latter rounds" point of view.

Is it Bryan Bulaga, who has short arms and average strength? His body looks like it is at its maximum bulk or mass—meaning if you took, for instance, Charles Brown at LT, his body looks like he could add 10 to 15 pounds of muscle or bulk. Yes, Bulaga is good at pass protection, but if you watch some of his game tapes, he will be bull-rushed in the NFL.

Quick note: When I refer to his short arms, that's because when it comes to pass protection, those two to three inches of arm length are the difference between a first down and a forced fumble.

Is it Bruce Campbell, who is injury-prone and in the last three years played only 17 games? No.

Is it big Anthony Davis, who looks tired or lazy half the time? No.

Well, then who? I would say other than Okung, Charles Brown would fit the ZBS very well. On top of that, Pete Carroll already knows his strength and weaknesses. Brown could also be grabbed later in the draft. Win-win in my opinion.

So no on any LT with our sixth pick of the draft.

What about Jimmy Clausen? I will hold back my adjectives for him, but no—not just a little no but a big NO!

Well, then who?

What if the big five are gone? Who would you be willing to spend No. 6 money on other than the second or third (depending on who you talk to) best LT?

What about Dez Bryant? Do you want to spend a guaranteed $32 to 40 million on a rookie who hasn't played in a year? No.

How about C.J. Spiller, who I think reminds me of Reggie Bush part two? No way with that kind of money. Also, remember that if we draft him, he will only be lethal in screen passes and running to the outside. We don't have the O-line to complement him. Yes, he is fast, but if we don't have the line to make him look good, what's the point?

Would you, Seahawks fan, spend $32 to $40 million for a player that is a proven Pro Bowl player that is 6'4", 230 pounds?

Yes, I am talking about Brandon Marshall, a player defensive coordinators would have to plan for. He is only 25 years old, which explains the off-field issues. He would instantly bolster not only our WR corps but our whole offense as well, and he is NFL proven.

He's a player that has three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons and three consecutive seasons of 100-plus receptions.

Many consider him one of the best five WRs in the NFL. I agree.

Why not? Every football fan knows that the Grinch that stole the Broncos (Josh McDaniels) cannot stand Marshall. I say let them spend $32 to $40 million guaranteed on a player that could be a bust.

Who knows—maybe we can even get a second or third rounder on top of that.

Just a thought Seahawks fans. Love to hear your feedback.