Why the Denver Broncos Should Trade Their First Round Pick

Erick SpaltiCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2010

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The Denver Broncos should of entered the draft with two first round draft selections. Since one of them was traded to select Alphonso Smith in the second round last year, we are left with the No. 11 overall selection in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Josh Mcdaniels has done an excellent job of finding veteran contributors via free-agency to temporarily fill holes in the roster. He got great play out of Brian Dawkins last season and hopes he found another gem in Jamal Williams this year.

Signing Jamal Williams really took the pressure off the Broncos to draft a DT early, allowing them a year to look at trade options or a later round pick they can develop. Picking up Justin Bannan as well was a good move to add depth.

Bannan is also capable of playing the run-stuffing RE role in the Broncos 3-4 defense, which is an added benefit. Don't be suprised to see him do just that, with a d-line consisting of Green/Williams/Bannan as the three down lineman.

After picking up Jarvis Green in free agency we really owe the Pats another pat on the back. Mcdaniels has done well allowing his old ties to Patriot players get us good deals. Green will come in and compete for a starting spot or add veteran depth. Huge upgrade over Kenny Peterson.

Out of all the teams we could trade down with, the New England Patriots are the most likely option. Possessing 3 2nd round draft picks gives the Pats the ammo to move up in the first and still keep hold of 2 2nd Round selections.

The Pats need help in the front seven at DE and LB and the talent has a significant dropoff after the Top 15 picks.

Broncos Trade:

Round 1 Pick 11


New England Patriots for:

Round 1 Pick 22

Round 2 Pick 21


The reasons for making this trade are obvious. After trading off Richard Seymour for Oakland's 2011 first round selection, the Patriots are set to have two first round picks in next year's draft. One of those picks, the Raiders', will most likely be a top ten selection.

However, with trading Seymour and losing Jarvis Green the Patriots now lack depth or a starter for thier DL.

By moving up to the 11th Overall selection, the Patriots could get their hands on the DE of their choice, whether it's Carlos Dunlap, Derrick Morgan, or Jason Pierre-Paul. They could even opt to select MLB Rolando Mcclain or RB C.J. Spiller.

The Pats have the ammunition to find several starting quality players in this year's draft, DE however, is most likely their biggest need. The DE quality available at pick No. 22 is a significant drop off from the talent in the top 15.

Moving back would allow the Broncos to target Brandon Spikes or Sean Witherspoon later in the first round and still fill the hole at MLB in the wake of Andra Davis' release. Sergio Kindle could also be an option if the Broncos are unsure of Robert Ayers' development. An upgrade over Mario Haggan would be greatly welcomed.

By picking up and extra second round pick the Broncos could fill the holes on their OL in the second round or even opt to select a DT, with Jamal Williams being a short-term fix.

Both teams should look good and hard into this trade. It would help both clubs get better and be just another trade in the pipeline of Patriot employees.

The Patriots want to compete for a Super Bowl now, they know their window is closing fast.

The Broncos just want to make the playoffs and rebuild a depth depleted roster.

Let's make a deal!