The Cowgirl I mean Cowboy Hater Draft

Joshua ReeseContributor IMarch 21, 2010

If I was General Manager this would be how the draft would go!

1.    St. Louis Rams - Jimmy Clausen QB

When you have 3 scrubs for Ram Quarterbacks you have to get someone who can throw the ball, I mean Keith Null started for them last year! Everyone has them picking Suh or Bradford but Bradford has had 2 huge shoulder injury’s, and I cant see a team invest millions and millions in a guy like that. D line is not the biggest need.

2. Detroit Lions - Ndamukong Suh DL

Former Titans Defensive coordinator had Albert Haynesworth I could 100 percent see him with Suh, making havoc in the home of the Motown.

 3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy DL

 If you give up 160 yards a game you need all the help you can get! McCoy has a high motor and should be very helpful in bringing the run Defense back to normal

4. Washington Redskins – Bryan Bulaga OT

Mike Shanahan is going to use Jason Campbell this year but he needs people to keep him out of his face and open holes in the running game. Shanahan took fast rising Boise State OT Ryan Clady in 08 and that turned out very well look for him to strike gold again.

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Russell Okung OT

Matt Cassel will turn in to David Carr if he doesn’t get more protection and you cant win games if your QB is on the ground

6.  Seattle Seahawks – Taylor Mays FS

 Pete Carroll former Trojans coach knows Mays very well and will be able to get the most out of him. Carroll will find away to use this freakish athlete

7. Cleveland Browns – Sam Bradford QB

OMG what doesn’t Cleveland need, to bad the can't draft a coach. They traded Brady Quinn, and got rid of David Anderson, but signed Jake Delhomme. QB is a major major need if they can’t draft a new coach look for them to take Bradford LOL

8.  Oakland Da Raiders – Tim Tebow QB

When do they not add freakish athletes that don’t help there team….. Oh yeah they always do…. So look for them to draft Tebow and look for Tebow to not help 

9.  Buffalo Bills – Trent Williams OT

Look for Williams to beef up the O-line in Buffalo keeping Trent Edwards off his rear end

10.  Jacksonville Jaguars – Dez Bryant WR

I think they should go best player available and Bryant should help that offense out a lot. 

11. Denver Broncos – Golden Tate WR

 Last year they tried to trade for Texans David Anderson, I think there still in the market for a Wes Welker clone. Golden Tate should make a huge impact in the slot this season 

12. Miami Dolphins – Eric Berry FS 

I see Bob Sanders clone coming off the board here, Dolphins need a free safety. Berry becomes a instant starter a player in the league.

 13. San Francisco 49’ers - Anthony Davis OL

 You can never have to many O-lineman they need a strong Right tackle to go with Joe Staley. 

14. Seattle Seahawks – Colt McCoy QB 

Its about time they start looking for a replacement for Matt, Colt could learn for a year and be able to take over next season. 

15. New York Giants – Rolando McClain MLB 

With the release of Pierce and Clark they have to find someone and why not McClain. He has the size, speeds and smarts too make it in the NFL

16.  Tennessee Titians -   Jason Pierre-Paul DE 

Kyle Vanden Bosch is off to the Lions, Kearse is a free agent LOL which might not be a bad thing. The Titian's need a pass rusher like Forest Gump need Jenny, if they don’t get freak of a prospect Pierre-Paul you might need to Wonderlic test there management 

17. San Francisco 49’ers - Mike Iupati OG     

It is no secret that Head coach Mike Singletery wants to pound and pound and pound the rock I have them taking and tackle earlier. If they can’t trade why not draft 2nd O-linemen 

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – Earl Thomas FS 

Steel city is prided on amazing D, but not so hot lately. Polamalu missed some games last season, so with Thomas you grab a corner and a safety 

19.   Atlanta Falcons  - Sergio Kindle OLB 

They singing of X-Texan CB Dunta Robinson means they are not going to go corner but there D still needs help so why not a guy who knows how to find the QB 

20. Houston Texans – Joe Haden CB  

By losing your top corner you have to pray to God and hope people lose there minds and let him slip. So what if your grandpa in his walker can blow past Haden I have a feeling Haden will do good in the Pro’s and have a HUGE chip on his shoulder. 

21.   Cincinnati Bengals – Jermaine Gresham TE 

This offense needs someone other the Chad funny last name with baseball mits for hands. It’s weak the crew out TE they ran out last year Gresham gives them a 6’6 target down the middle and in the Red zone.

22.  New England Patriots – CJ Spiller RB 

And the rich keep getting richer, What cant Spiller do. Terrific Tom would love to have a REAL running back to hand off to. There other backs are like 90 years old except Maroney will it’s about time they get someone who can make it to the hole. 

23.  Green Bay Packers – Bruce Campbell OT 

When the left and right side off your line is 55 years old, that means its time to get younger with all other top talent gone, trade down or reach and grab Campbell. 

24. Philadelphia Eagles – Brandon Graham DE

 Game plan for teams playing against the Eagles last year, double team Trent Cole and have an aerial assault. Brandon Graham shall make it a touch harder to do that. 

25.  Baltimore Ravens – Jared Odrick DT

 Not really much to say other then its time to get some youth in a group of seasoned vets

 26. Arizona Cardinals – Brandon LaFell WR

 You trade a pretty productive wide out in Anquan Boldin, so like in the circle of life you must draft someone who has been compared to Anquan. Although if the had 70 great wide outs could Matt Leinart even get it too them? Hummmm…..

 27.  Dallas Cowboys I mean girls – Leigh Tiffin K 

 Is there any way I can beg or plead so they can take a kicker crazy Al Davis did a while back so why not crazy Jerry Jones. They do need one really bad so yup I stick with this pick no matter how insane it is.

 28.   San Diego Chargers – Ryan Mathews RB

 Losing LT maybe not so painful but the thought of Scatback Darren Sproles would have fans with pitchforks chargering (no pun intened) the fornt gate. Now with the lighting locked up you still need thunder and Mathews provides the thunder 

29. New York Jets – Rickey Sapp OLB 

Every position these guys needed they got before the draft except for a pass rush brings speed to a position of need. Hey that rhymed speed to need lol 

30.  Minnesota Vikings – Brandon Spikes MLB 

He may not help your on again off again QB throw the ball to other teams especially in Huge games, but he will help make a awesome D be even more awesomer

 31.  Indianapolis Colts – Brian Price DL

 Indy stop do you really need another good Lineman wow there rotation should be super scary I would hate to be be the o-line man faceing this cats next season 

32.  New Orleans Saints – Dan Williams DL 

They could have let Reggie bush rush for a 100 that’s how bad there DL was especially in the second have of the season. Time to add a 320 pound body to eat some space in the middle.


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