Rip 'em Tech

Jordan HofeditzAnalyst IJuly 10, 2008

OK, so I go to school in Texas, which means that we have our set of jokes to show how one school is better than another. I attend SMU, which for the most part stays out of the way athletically, but can hold its own academic wise.

So that being said, TCU and Texas Tech end up on the losing end of a lot of jokes around here. So I give you some of my favorites...

1) Q: Do you know why they can't have a nativity scene on campus at Texas Tech?

    A: Because they couldn't find three wise men or a virgin anywhere.

2) So there are three guys deserted on an island: one from SMU, one from TCU, and one from Tech.

The guy from TCU says he wishes he was back in Ft. Worth because there is a bar near campus and the guy is a huge Frogs fan and for every four drinks the fifth one is free.

The guy from SMU smiles and says he has him beat. There is a bar near campus that is owned by an alumni, and if you are a student every third beer is free.

The guy from Tech starts to laugh and says Lubbock leaves them in the dust. He tells them that there is a place on campus that will serve you all the free alcohol you want all night, then take you upstairs and get you laid.

The guys from TCU and SMU don't know what to say. Half because they are in shock that a place like that could exist, and half because they don't believe a word of it.

They guy from TCU tells the guy from Tech that he is full of crap, while the guy from SMU asks the guy from Tech if he has actually ever been there.

The guy from Tech replies with joy, "No, but my sister goes there all the time."

3) A local business places an ad in the paper for a job opening. They ask for applicants with a TCU degree or equivalent.

They get one inquiry that asks for a clarification: "So are you looking for two Baylor grads or one SMU grad working part time?"


Thanks, I'll be here all week.