Time to Cease Big Ben Talk

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Time to Cease Big Ben Talk
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I usually never write articles with a "bloggish" type feel, but the current coverage on Bleacher Report seems to be bringing it out in me.

In joining the Pittsburgh Steelers community a few weeks ago, I thought it would give me an opportunity to break away from the Pittsburgh Penguins talk and provide me with a few fresh article ideas, while at the same time, get to know a new community and the authors and members that are active.

Those article ideas are quickly running dry.

Free agency. Check.

2010 NFL Draft. Checked by other members.

Big Ben coverage. Check, check, check, check, and oh, I missed one.


And so on this bloggish rant, I ask you, Pittsburgh Steelers community:

How long will this go on?

I've noticed in this community, compared to the Penguins community, a distinguished difference in attitude, passion, and verbal agenda.

Some fans in this community are awesome, smart, intellectual, and simply put, know their Steelers football. I've also experienced how immature and verbally degrading some can be, causing me to test my patience, and at certain points, failing to preserve a calm attitude.

I seem to be gathering the impression that fans of this community, the readers and responders to the many articles published weekly, are growing tired of article after article of a certain player.

And so I ask you to sound off.

Is enough, enough already?

Are you tired of Ben this and Ben that?

I am making it clear that at this defining moment, I will no longer respond to or read articles pertaining to Big Ben's legal situation. I feel there has been enough bathroom reading material shared for a lengthy, if not overnight, stay on the toilet.

But, hey, that's just me. Maybe everyone doesn't share that same opinion, and that is surely OK with me.

So know I leave it to you, Steelers B/R community.

Is it time to drop the case already, or shall the beat go on?

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