Keys To the Wolf Den: Al Jefferson Will Be Traded for "Love"

Timber WolfAnalyst IIMarch 19, 2010

SAN ANTONIO - APRIL 05:  Kevin Love #42 of the UCLA Bruins looks down prior to the start of the National Semifinal game of the NCAA Men's Final Four against the Memphis Tigers at the Alamodome on April 5, 2008 in San Antonio, Texas.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Yeah I said it before, Kevin Love will be an All-Star before it's all said and done.

At the mere age of 21 years old, he's averaging a 15 points and 11 rebounds in only 29 MPG.

Appearing fat, a little slow, not particularly strong, Kevin Love has the intangibles to be an all-star power forward, and one of the best rebounders to ever play the game.

Possessing a variety of incredible skills that separate him from typical big man, Kevin Love is litterally a Jigsaw in a world of etch-a-sketches.

Young players have tendencies to be immature, inconsistent, and insecure about their roles due to their youth, Kevin Love is no exception.

Kevin Love has been moved to the bench to help the Minnesota Timberwolves become a stronger basketball team overall, by providing balanced scoring and rebounding, as well as a decent effort on both ends of the floor.

Possessing the skills of a guard, yet the speed of a tank (slow), Kevin Love has the intangibles to play the small forward position, and prior to his drafting had stated on numerous occasions that it would take many years of weight and speed training to be able to do so, and that he would work on it over the years.

Assuming that by the time he hits 25, he'll be able to play three positions and play them well, by being able to shoot the ball from the three point line (39%), rebound the ball with maximum efficiency, and score in the low post that compliments all of the intangible things that he does, and you have one of the more complete players in the NBA.

The Minnesota Timberwolves see Kevin Love as "untouchable", and there are plenty of reasons why.

But there's a player that stands in the way of Kevin Love's future stardom, and that's Al Jefferson, a player similar in height and weight that both play the same position.

There have been many questions as to whether Al Jefferson and Kevin Love can play together for the long term.

Many say yes and many say no.

Al Jefferson is notorious for his horrible defense, I however thought there was room for improvement, until a recent defeat against the Dallas Mavericks had the announcers make a sad, but true discovery about Al Jefferson.

An outlet pass was thrown to a wing player by the Mavericks, and Al Jefferson was running toward the player bound to receive the ball, the ball was traveling through the air, and Al Jefferson did not even bother to look at the ball that was blatantly right behind him to the point where he could have grabbed it in the air.

The announcers stated "that's how you know Al Jefferson could not have been a wide receiver because he cannot run and guard and watch where the ball is going". In other words, he has no defensive awareness.

Shot blocking, timing and defensive intensity can be improved, but defensive awareness is an instinct, and if your not born with it, I'm sorry, but there's no changing or learning that.

On the offensive end, Al Jefferson is a powerhouse and a force to reckoned with, but with the Wolves giving up 120+ points 14 times, they desperately need defensive intensity and shot blocking.

This upcoming 2010 NBA draft will symbolize something, pretty much the same thing that the 2009 NBA draft symbolized. Cleaning out the junk and bringing in the new and improved. Although Al Jefferson does not qualify as junk, more than likely he will be traded, it's almost inevitable.

Think of it like this.

The 2010 NBA draft features centers and wing players predominately, the two positions that the Wolves desperately need. More than likely, the Wolves will try to trade up and garnish two top ten picks to add to the young nucleus forming already.

Al Jefferson more than likely will be a huge trade chip, by GM's knowing that he's going to be 100% in rhythm, and needing a go-to scorer in the paint (Utah Jazz's Knicks pick).

This also helps the development of Kevin Love, a player that should show much more improvement on both sides of the floor with added playing time and responsibilities.