JaMarcus Russell Making The Commitment to Excellence

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JaMarcus Russell Making The Commitment to Excellence
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The Raider Nation. What is it known for? Well, let me tell you...

The Raider Nation is the largest fan base in the entire NFL, despite Oakland's current woes. They are unique, and don't give a rats ass what anyone thinks about them or their team. They stick up for their players, no matter what happens; or at least they used to....

You see, I've been sitting back for months now, just being quiet, listening to what you guys had to say about the Raiders. And you know what, I've had it!

Most of these writers we have at Bleacher Report are band wagon riding fools! no, I'm not a racist, like one of our other writers here at BR is, or is known as one. but you know, reading his last article, I haveto give the man credit. Even though I thought most of his other articles were garbage, he is right about 1 thing....I think you guys know damm well what I'm talking about!

You naive fools have no support for JaMarcus Russell, our QB of the future. Look, I know he sucked during the season, and he deserved everything he got! Gradkowski is one of my idols. He saved our season, as has a great work ethic, one I look up to. However, you guys all jumped on the "Gradwagon" and gave no chance for JaMarcus to write his wrongs. So when he does lead us to the playoffs, I don't want any of you fools to say that they knew it would happen. BULLCRAP!!!

As you guys know, JaMarcus made the effort to lose weight. If Willie Brown is wrong, then I don't know who is; he isn't a liar. JaMarcus looked slimmer, in his facial stature, anyways, and all you stupid idiots kept saying was, cut the damm walrus, start grads! just like a bumbling idiots! You guys say "WHO CARES" HOW DISGUSTING AND SELFISH!!!! You guys thought that he had to lose the weight; but, you guys forgot one thing....

Look, I don't like excuses as much as you do, but it is true: When one of yur role models dies, its freakin hard to cope with. As a result, JaMarcus came to camp fat. Thne, all the heckling started. Even my dad started to. None of you selfish idiots could step in his shoes. How would you feel in his situation. HUH???? Thought so.....

Mind you, in JaMarcus Russell's rookie year, he was in decent shape. Now, he is making the effort to lead this team "over the mounatin" as he said yesterday in the interview. I liked his graciousness toward the hot blond reporter, and I liked the answers he gave. The beanie was cool to; I'm wearing a black one now hahah! But really....

You guys aren't stupid; I know that. We're all fighting for the same cause; the playoffs. I think Grads deserves to start. However, when JaMarcus has the work ethic to lose weight and change his mechanics, give the man some credit. GIVE HIM A CHANCE...maybe he has seen the light! I sure hope so. It will be a healthy QB competition. SO....what do I think?

           2010 PLAYOFFS!!!! AND MY PREDICTION......8-8....GO RAIDERS!!!!!

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