Dear NHL, This Shouldn't Be What Your League is About

Andrew McCluskeyCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2010

It is time to wake up, NHL.

We watched Matt Cooke lay a dirty, cheap shot on the head of a defenseless Marc Savard. This hit led to Marc Savard having to be taken off the ice on a stretcher and his season over, diagnosed with a concussion.

The fact that there was no suspension or no rule change is absolutely disgusting. Any person at the NHL offices with any kind of power over these decisions should be ashamed of themselves.

I'm going to let the fact go that Cooke has built a reputation for himself doing things like this with no consequences. I'm going to move past the fact that the Bruins, an original six team and huge hockey town, just lost their best player. What the NHL just let happen was one player take away another player's livelihood for a season. 

This is their life. Their careers. Not to mention the proven medical results of concussions on the human body. Allowing this kind of hit to take place and have zero response is borderline insanity.

Now I'm not pitying Marc Savard's wallet because he is still getting his, but the NHL is basically allowing this kind of activity. This is completely unacceptable.

Then last night we watch one of the faces of the league Alexander Ovechkin go out of his way to hit Brian Campbell from behind and ends his season most likely. 

So it is your move NHL. 

Thursday, we have the Bruins and Penguins meeting again that could lead to a serious rumble on the ice possibly resulting in more unnecessary injuries because of the NHL's lack of action.

Then you have Ovechkin, who is clearly one of your biggest draws and on one of the top teams in hockey, waiting to face judgement. 

It is time for the NHL to step up and let everyone know that this is not what your league is about. You can not let these types of hits and dirty moves take away from the great boost the NHL has received from the Olympics. 

Suspend Alexander Ovechkin. You can't give Marc Savard or Brian Campbell their seasons back. The suspensions and fines won't heal those injuries. However, you can take a stand and let your players know that they are there to play hockey. 

Throwing a blindside shoulder into someone's head? Checking a player away from the puck from behind into the boards? That's not hockey. Those aren't the headlines you want. 

For the sake of your sport, don't let this slide.