Golden State Warriors: How To Give Fans Hope For Next Year

William ButchkoContributor IMarch 15, 2010

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Ever since the We Believe season, fans have seen the Warriors come up short. First barely missing the playoffs and now a shell of their former selves. Others have proposed changes, but I have some that are achievable and specific.

1. Hire Tom Thibodeau

I know that as much as we would like to show Nelson the door, he is going to get that record. If he gets the record this year then we can part ways. Otherwise, Thibodeau has been desperate enough that he might be willing to wait a few games for Nelson to get his record and move or be swept aside.

Thibodeau can instill in the Warriors the same amazing defensive tenacity he has created with the Boston Celtics. We have many young athletes many of whom are dedicated to improvement. The right schemes could make them outstanding. We don't need another retread like Avery Johnson who made defenses seem better by just slowing the tempo. We need a coach with results.

2. Make a 3-way trade with Memphis and Minnesota

The Warriors give up Monta Ellis, Andris Beidrins, and Brandan Wright. They receive OJ Mayo, Ryan Hollins, and Al Jefferson. Why we do it?

This trade finally gives us the post presence we need. Biedrins and Randolph are not capable enough offensive players. Having them together is not going to work. Al Jefferson is a strong post presence. His biggest defensive weakness is weak-side defense, which is Randolph's strength. They will compliment each other well with Jefferson taking scoring duties and Randolph picking up the slack on defense and creating mayhem.

A big guy like Jefferson ensures the Warriors will not get pushed around any more by big forwards and centers. The knock on Jefferson is that he is inefficient, but that inefficiency is most likely based on the fact he has not played with a good point guard.He will greatly enjoy playing with Curry.

Finally, OJ Mayo will be more likely to defer to Curry and pick up more of the slack defensively. The improvement in our frontcourt means sacrificing Ellis, who has played hard, but if he is our best player we are not going anywhere.

The Grizzlies give up Hasheem Thabeet and OJ Mayo. They receive Monta Ellis. Why they do it? The Grizzlies covet Ellis and want to wash their hands of Thabeet, this achieves both desires. Plus they already offered us the deal.

The Timberwolves give up Al Jefferson and Ryan Hollins. They receive Andris Biedrins, Hasheem Thabeet, and Brandon Wright. Why they do it? The Timberwolves get Biedrins who is a better fit with Kevin Love, their franchise player. He will instantly be popular in Minnesota. In addition, Minnesota gets two prime prospects who at the very least could be sold as ready for the arrival of Rubio. Let's face it, hope saves Kahn's job.

3. Don't overpay Raja Bell

Some people are arguing that we should re-sign the defensive veteran neglecting the fact that he is 33 and perimeter defenders do not age well. We do not need another Corey Magette signing where we overpay some veteran that we never really needed and is not worth near what we paid.

Summing up

The Warriors are left with a new defensive purpose with a dynamic coach and a new post presence. Without the draft, we are looking at a lineup of

PG Stephen Curry/ CJ Watson?

SG OJ Mayo/ Anthony Morrow

SF Magette/Azubuike

PF Randolph/ Turiaf

C Jefferson/Hollins