If Larry Johnson Signs With The Raiders, Fan Backlash Is Deserved

Ronnie U.Contributor IMarch 12, 2010

 Last week, many in Raider Nation were saddened by the news of Justin Fargas being cut by the Oakland Raiders. While I'am definately amongst those fans, I also realize that he is 30 years old and realistically we just didn't need him on the roster.

Than again, we shouldn't have drafted Darren McFadden in the first place years ago. But thats an argument I'll stick to until he rushes for 1,000 yards in a season (which, doesn't seem very likely huh?).

But rumors this week have been a little bit harder to swallow, as Profootballtalk.com is reporting that Larry Johnson will meet with the Raiders on Sunday.

Wait, what?

Now of course, rumors are a dime a dozen as far as all media outlets are concerned. Except, chances are if a player is being considered to acquired, and if said player makes absolutely no sense to fans, than it totally makes logical sense in the world of Al Davis.

Which basically means that it's possible, regardless of being far fetched to us.

So why would Al Davis considering hiring the same running back who was driven out of Kansas City, who ran for a measly 581 yards last season (averaged 3.3 ypc), and has more off the field issues currently than Pacman Jones?

Yeah, I don't get it either. But that's not why it would be a huge slap in the face of the fanbase.

See, depending on your level of tolerance as a Raiders Fan, you're either driven mad or relaxed by every awful move Al Davis has made in the past few years. Or somewhere in between, but still frustrated? Need I remind you of DeAngelo Hall? Still, unlike other high paid players who needed to leave, most fans were pretty high on Justin Fargas while he played in Oakland.

Follow me, so if the point of him being let go was on the basis of age...than, why sign another 30 year old running back? Especially one that hasn't done anything significant to warrant the money (which speaks volumes that Mike Shanahan is interested)? A fan favorite to leave at the expense of a loser?

Brian Westbrook would be a better option. So would LaDainian Tomlinson or Willie Parker for that matter.

Still the point is, we don't need another running back on the roster at the moment.

Now matter how absurd the concept is, if Larry Johnson was to sign with the Oakland Raiders, fan backlash is welcome. Should be expected. Because there comes a point where even the most dedicated fanbase must ask:

"What the hell were they thinking?!?"

All eyes on you right now Al Davis, just don't do the expected thing by disappointing like always.