Potential Brandon Marshall Trade to Seattle May Benefit Detroit Lions

J BeLLeCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2017

With yesterday being the first day of the 2010 NFL Free Agency period, all the eyes were on big name free agents Julius Peppers, Karlos Dansby, and Antrel Rolle. But could the NFL’s biggest offseason move take place with the potential trade of current Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall?

News broke yesterday afternoon that the Seattle Seahawks were scheduling a meeting with Brandon Marshall to discuss a possible contract offer this Saturday.

Marshall is a restricted free agent who has been tendered with a first round compensation pick. If Seattle decides to offer a contract to Marshall, Denver would have seven days to match that offer or Marshall would become a Seattle Seahawk and Denver would receive the Seahawks’ sixth overall pick in the upcoming 2010 NFL Draft.

You may be asking yourself, how does this benefit the Detroit Lions, though?

A week before the NFL Combine, the Detroit Lions made it clear that they’re entertaining the possibility of trading their second overall pick. If Denver and Seattle can reach an agreement on a trade with each other this may offer the Lions with another possible trading partner in the draft.

As of now, the Denver Broncos have a decent, but not great, quarterback in Kyle Orton. Orton may be the starter for now, but he probably isn’t the long term solution for the Broncos franchise. By acquiring the sixth overall pick, the Broncos could be in the market for a franchise quarterback, such as former Norte Dame Star Jimmy Clausen.

If Denver shows interest in drafting Jimmy Clausen, this may cause a free-for-all between other quarterback needy teams, namely the Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills.

Suppose Sam Bradford goes first overall to the Rams, this would leave Jimmy Clausen as the top rated quarterback in the draft. With only one top tier QB on the board, and possibly three teams vying for a quarterback, either the Buffalo Bills or Denver Broncos might consider leapfrogging Washington to select Clausen.

This would make the Lions the ideal trading partner for either Buffalo or Denver.

Now, I’m not saying this scenario will happen, but it’s something Detroit Lions’ management and fans should keep an eye on. All of this will also depend on if Denver and Seattle can strike a deal on Marshall as well.