Predictions & Analysis For HBK V The Undertaker: The Sequel

C.M. JamesCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2010

The following is an analysis/prediction on Undertaker v HBK: The Sequel which is scheduled to take place at the 2010 Wrestlemania.

Person A: Haven’t we seen this match before at Wrestlemania?

Person B: This isn’t the first time The Undertaker has faced an opponent twice at Wrestlemania. He fought Kane at Wrestlemania XIV and Wrestlemania XX.

Person A: *Groans* Still, it would be better if The Undertaker faced an opponent he has never faced before at Wrestlemania.

Person B: Who would you have him face?

CM Punk or Rey Mysterio- The Undertaker has faced them at recent Pay-Per-Views (PPVs) already.

Sheamus- This would be a squash and this match wouldn’t sell any PPVs at all.

Jericho – This would be just another title match with little story to go along with it, besides Edge v Jericho is a much better prospect.

Person A: Hmmm…John Cena? The biggest star in the WWE and he too could very well end the Taker’s streak.

Person B: Yes, but Cena is the top draw in the WWE and he would be boo-ed out of the stadium when he faces Taker. Should he end The Taker’s streak, he would be boo-ed even more and that isn’t good for WWE merchandising.

Person A: Well, why not have both members of DX face the Undertaker in a Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania with both HHH and HBK wanting one more shot at the streak?

Person B: That would be a great match but that would mean that DX would have to break up and HHH fought the American Bad @$$, not The Deadman persona. Also if the WWE wanted this match to happen, they needed to have both HHH and HBK playing the obsessed role in wanting to face The Undertaker which would be redundant and seemed forced since HHH does not have an agenda against The Undertaker. Lastly, may I add, like John Cena, HHH does not NEED to break The Undertaker’s winning streak to raise his profile.

Person A: *Gasp* Shawn Michaels needs to break the streak?

Person B: No, but Shawn Michaels is one person that we can accept in ending The Undertaker’s streak. He has played this persona extremely well since his return to the WWE from the career-threatening back injury. He needed to know if he could beat Hogan, he needed to know if he had what it took to end Ric Flair’s career and then he needed to know if he could end The Undertaker’s streak. This is the man that ended Ric Flair’s career so if there is anyone who we would believe and accept ending the Undertaker’s streak, it would be HBK. I don’t think any WWE fan will accept an up-and-coming wrestler beating the Undertaker, at least not with the talent at hand.

Person A: So, you’re saying HBK will end The Undertaker’s streak?

Person B: Well if you look at The Undertaker’s schedule in recent years. He has not exactly been able to fulfil a full-time schedule and he has not had matches lasting more than 15 minutes since his latest return. But then again, you can say similar things about Shawn Michaels.

Person A: So the Undertaker will continue his streak?

Person B: The Undertaker’s streak is one of the all-time great records that will never be repeated. And as a fan of sports entertainment, I like seeing records intact for nostalgia and sentiment. However, two things go against The Undertaker. One, all great streaks in sports are made to be broken so it seems to be a case of WHEN and not IF the streak will be broken. Secondly, both HBK and The Undertaker’s retirement will happen sooner rather than later and you know Vince McMahon, whomever that leaves the company ALWAYS retires with a loss. The Rock, Hogan, Ric Flair and one of these two will retire with a loss as well but they have the honor of doing it at the grandest stage of all, Wrestlemania.

Person A: So who do you think will blink (leave the WWE) first?

Person B: I have no idea but there are a couple of probable outcomes that range from ludicrous to plausible.

Person A: What are the possible outcomes that you think could happen?

Scenario 1: Bret Hart coming up and screwing HBK out of his win, in which HBK could use this feud as an excuse to delay his retirement. But the feud between HBK and Bret is done with and settled.

Scenario 2: HHH attacks HBK allowing HBK to win by disqualification since he doesn’t want to see his friend retire. WWE could claim that since it’s not a clean loss, Taker’s streak remains intact and HBK can feud with HHH claiming that HHH took away his moment of glory.

Scenario 3: Taker losing his streak after an epic match and takes an indefinite break before returning at Survivor Series.

Scenario 4: HBK loses and retires from competing but sticks on as permanent GM of Raw (an excuse to end the DREADFUL Guess Host idea) to take some time off before reinstating himself as a full time wrestler and have Taker return to claim his soul in time for 2011 Wrestlemania. Highly unlikely regarding The Undertaker bit but HBK has toyed with the retirement angle in the past with his feud with Jericho.

Scenario 5: Here is what I hope happens since it would really be a sad day to see either of the two retiring especially since the news came across so sudden that this rematch would be a retirement match! Since Taker’s record at Wrestlemania is regarding his UNDEFEATED streak, a double count out would keep that streak intact and who knows, three times for the good times next year? I think this is the most plausible idea to run since Taker remains undefeated and unbeatable at Mania while HBK goers even nearer to beating Taker with and I hope/think this will happen.

Person B: Whatever it is, this year’s match seems more intriguing than last year, at least storyline wise. Surely, this will be the main event at Wrestlemania!

Person A: I have no doubt this will be the fan’s main event but traditional WWE booking indicates that the best matches aren’t always at the main event and that one of the two Championship matches will be the main event match. I think Edge v Jericho will be a superior match but FOUR of the last FIVE Wrestlemanias were headlined by Raw title matches and Cena has been in TWO of the last FOUR main events at Wrestlemania while Edge has only been in one.

Person B: Who do you think will win both matches?

Person A: I honestly don’t care about Batista v Cena but the last four Wrestlemania main events were won by faces so Cena to regain the title he didn’t deserve to lose. I think Edge will win as well.

Person B: Any of the other matches interest you?

Person A: Nope. Not at all. Money in the Bank has lots its sparkle and will probably finish inside 10 minutes with a rehash of previous reiterations while Bret v McMahon will probably be a slugfest with Bret winning with the Sharpshooter.

Person B: So all eyes on HBK v The Undertaker : The Sequel then.

Person A: That we can agree upon.