Oakland Raiders: Did Kirk Morrison Deserve His Low Tender Offer?

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IMarch 5, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 25:  Kirk Morrison #52 of the Oakland Raiders celebrates with fans against the New York Jets during an NFL game at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on October 25, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

In Oakland fans are often confused by the moves of their favorite teams.

The Raiders recently applied tenders to most of their RFAs. And Stanford Routt made big news being offered the highest 1st and 3rd round tender.

Jon Condo, Bruce Gradkowski, Ricky Brown, Thomas Howard, Hiram Eugene and maybe a few others received second round tenders.

Chris Morris, Charlie Frye, Luke Lawton and Kirk Morrison were given original or low tenders.

Despite the fact that it would cost the same to tender Morrison at the second round rate the Raiders chose to give him the original tender. Meaning any team can take Morrison off the Raiders hands simply by giving up a third rounder.

Aparently Stanford Routt was the Raiders most valuable RFA.

While Jon Condo (a long-snapper) and Ricky Brown(Kirk Morrisons backup) are more important to the Raiders than Kirk Morrison.

Luke Lawton is facing a suspension next season for using performance enhancing drugs. Charlie Frye is a third string QB who threw four interceptions and one TD. And Chris Morris is a backup center. Yet they all received the same tender offer as the line-backer who led the team in tackles for four of the last five years.

Is that right?

As wrong as it sounds it is absolutely right.

Kirk Morrison is grossly overrated.

So what if Kirk Morrison has led the Raiders in tackles, he plays middle-linebacker. Can you name one middle line-backer who didn't lead his team in tackles?

I'm sure if you look hard enough you can find one. But point is they are few and far between.

Despite Morrison leading the team in tackles we are still near the bottom of the league in run defense.

I understand that isn't all Morrisons' fault as it is a team sport and other players and forces are at fault as well. But Morrison is not without his share of blame, he has his share of flaws.

Leading a team in tackles is meaningless when you make most of your tackles five or six yards down field after running backs break off huge chunks of yardage.

Sure Morrison doesn't get an ideal amount of help from the guys in front of him. But he just isn't middle-linebacker material.

Despite his numbers he whiffs as much if not more than any other line-backer on the Raiders roster. Flat out missing a tackle has nothing to do with the players in front of him.

Morrison also can't shed a block to save his life. Sure it can be argued that if the guys in front of him played better he wouldn't need to shed blocks, but regardless its a skill he is lacking in.

Another problem Morrison has is he often over pursues. I've seen arguments this is because he is over-compensating for the lack of push by the defensive line. But I don't really understand that argument, to me it just looks like he takes bad angles.

Morrison rarely is the aggressor in his tackles, often waiting for running baacks to come to him rather meeting him at the line of scrimmage. Again some argue this can be fixed by better d-line play.

But regardless of whether or not Morrisons' problems can be fixed by fixing the d-line. Its been aparent for a while the Raiders have been trying to replace him.

Last offseason the Raiders brought in tackling machine Frantz Joseph. They also asked rookie tight-end Chris O'neil to convert to middle-linebacker. Then they moved Ricky Brown to the middle to compete with Kirk. All moves meant to displace Morrison.

Now theres the recent news with his tender status and its all but obvious Kirk Morrison is on his way out.

But where could Morrison end up?

How about Arizona?

They just lost middle line-backer Karlos Dansby to free agency and are in need of a middle line-backer.

So why not Kirk Morrison?