Washington Redskins Ready To Win Another Offseason

Adam HankinsCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2010

Some Redskins fans joyously anticipate this time of year, while others dread it.

But even Redskins fans that criticize the free-spending ways of Dan Snyder have to admit to a build-up of excitement at the beginning of NFL free agency.

It has become a yearly ritual for the past decade. Rumors swirl around all of the biggest names in free agency, as reports surface about them being linked to the Redskins. Speculations abound about astronomical contracts, as do the accusations of tampering.

And when free agency finally opens, the Redskins won't be outbid.

This year, with no salary cap to worry about, you can place a safe bet that the Redskins are looking to make as many big name acquisitions as possible. And, why not? With no cap implications, and with plenty of holes to fill, the Redskins need as much talent as possible to turn their fortunes around.

So who will be the big free agent additions this year? Obviously, the biggest name on the market is Julius Peppers, and there have been countless reports that he is the No. 1 target of the Redskins.

The Redskins may get Peppers, but he will command an Albert Haynesworth-type contract. Will he be worth it? With Peppers and Brian Orakpo playing OLB, and with Haynesworth in the middle, it would certainly make for a fierce defensive front for the Skins.

Another big name on defense to watch is Karlos Dansby. The Redskins certainly could use Dansby in their new look 3-4, and his talent would further solidify a formidable front seven. While it might be unlikely for the Redskins to sign both Peppers and Dansby, it is still possible, especially in an uncapped year.

Who else? Darren Sproles would seem to be a good fit for the Redskins at running back, and some sources say that Mike Shanahan would love to have him. The small speedster might be a good replacement for Clinton Portis, while also giving the Skins a boost in the return game.

Outside of the obvious free agents, there are a myriad of intriguing trade possibilities lurking around the corner.

There will be some surprises this year, especially with all of the restricted free agents. Jason Campbell, Chris Cooley, Rocky McIntosh, Carlos Rogers, Reed Doughty—no one really knows who Mike Shanahan might decide to trade away for more draft picks, or for other veterans.

All eyes are on the Redskins now, the team with the deepest pockets. When the dust finally settles, the Redskins will have made their usual "splashes," but expect this year to be more dramatic than most. With no salary cap, they have to take advantage of this year to add as much talent as possible.