Marcus Davis Wishes Death Upon Dan Hardy: Should We Be Outraged?

Justin FauxCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2010

Right when you think death threats are a thing of the past in Mixed Martial Arts they are at it again, this time Frank Mir isn't the one in the hot seat.

This instance we are talking about Marcus Davis; Davis was discussing a potential rematch between Davis and Dan Hardy with the user 'BIGfield948' when he stated "I hope Hardy dies of aids."

I know what you're thinking; its some fan claiming to be Davis right? now no word has come officially from the mouth of Marcus Davis that he made this tweet but this twitter account has been active for quite some time now with accurate information and to this point no comments like these have been made before.

Now was Dan Hardy hiding underneath a rock last week? If there was one lesson to be learned from the controversy regarding Frank Mir's comments towards Brock Lesnar it is that death threats towards other fighters are frowned upon by UFC management.

Hardy and Davis met this past June at UFC 99, leading into the bout there were many choice words between the two and Hardy's comments really getting under the skin of the Ireland native, this was largely used to his advantage in securing a Split Decision Victory.

Since the UFC 99 bout Davis was finished by The Ultimate Fighter Season 6 participant Ben Saunders while Hardy has secured his place as the number one contender for George St Pierre's Welterweight gold and a rematch between the two seems unlikely.

Personally I think these comments are the words of a bitter man who cannot get past this defeat. I respect Marcus Davis, he is a talented striker with an underrated ground game but comments like these don't help his career or the sport of MMA as a whole.

These comments may even be worse than those that came from the mouth of Frank Mir, when Frank made his comments towards the current UFC Heavyweight Kingpin he was fired up while conducting an interview, while Davis made his comments he was calm, in control and in front of a computer with a fully functional backspace key.

Please guys, give this childish death threats a rest; its okay to hype a fight, tell the audience why you feel you're the superior fighter but to speak of taking ones life is a whole different story.