Why Shawn Michaels Doesn't Deserve To End Undertaker's Streak at WM 26

DidoContributor IMarch 12, 2017

His career has spanned over twenty years in the WWE. He's put on some of the greatest matches we've ever feasted our eyes on.

His career is as crucial to the WWE as the Yankee hat is to Jay-Z. And yet to him, he has no future.

His future has ended if he doesn't complete what he has been dreaming for these last couple months.

End the legendary Wrestlemania streak.

Many believe he should be the one to finally end the streak. They feel that he has done enough for the company to recieve this honor.

I disagree. Why?

Simply for the fact that he doesn't need it. I think it'll just be another achievement to boost his ego.

I mean the man is the first grand slam champion. Multiple time WWE Champion, was the first to win the rumble entering at No. 1.

Won the first ever Elimination Chamber, and plus he was given the honor of retiring Ric Flair at Wrestlemania.

Does he really need to end Taker's streak? No.

Why let someone who's going to retire probably this or next year end the greatest streak in WWE history?

Like many have suggested, WWE should let a young superstar end the streak. But there also lies a danger in that as well.

What if the superstar doesn't come off as they planned to? Or if the superstar leaves WWE to go with TNA or somewhere else.

WWE should just let the streak remain intact for the rest of Taker's career.

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