Time Won't Run Out on 2011 Recruit Terrell Chestnut

Warren LentContributor IFebruary 28, 2010

Disappointment would be an understatement, but he handles that game extremely well. Terrell Chestnut of Pottsgrove, Penn., and a batch full of young stars led a Falcons team into the Pennsylvania state championships only to be stopped short by Archbishop Wood.


“We just ended up just running out of time, that’s what I always say. Both teams played a great game, so it would’ve been tough for either team to lose.” Sadly, the falcons ended up just a field goal shy of winning states. While painful to see such an opportunity slip away from them, Chestnut keeps things in perspective. After fielding a team made up of almost all juniors and sophomore’s as well as going undefeated until that fated game, Pottsgrove is sure to have another great season under coach Rick Pennypacker.


With honor roll grades his junior year, Chestnut has not closed any doors on himself, nor does he plan to. In a relatively unseen combination of quarterback and defensive back, Terrell Chestnut is considered an athlete by recruiting terms.


Even though Chestnut was the signal caller for the falcons, he spent more time keeping the ball on the ground by running than he did with airborne passes. With 1,253 rushing yards and 21 touchdowns to boot, it is safe to say that the offense of Pottsgrove revolves around the 5’11” athlete.


The biggest question for almost every college coach out there is how they can implement Chestnut into either their offense or defense. When I asked Terrell about where he would prefer to play once he reaches colleges, he told me, “Wherever they like me, where ever they need me in order to make a difference on the team.”


With no favorite at the moment, Chestnut has his options open. He listed Penn State, Rutgers, Pitt, Villanova, and Temple as apart of his top five at this early stage in the recruitment game. Being somewhat close to University Park has greatly helped Penn State in the acquiring of Chestnut’s services. Pittsburgh is also in the running for Terrell and he recently visited their junior day. Afterwards, it seemed like Coach Wannstedt put on a very impressive show for a recruit that has so much to offer a program.


Terrell knows that he must improve many facets of his game in order to be the type of player he wants to be at the next level, but many of those talents already lay inside him. “My leadership and my motivation not to let my teammates down inspire me and make me a better player. I just like playing the game of football in general.”


The concern of weight always is with a 175 pound football player, but Terrell Chestnut continues to impress in the weight room. Chestnut is able to max out on the bench at 235 lbs and squat 400 lbs as well. Considering his small stature, this is extremely impressive and will not be taken lightly by coaches.


As the Pottsgrove Falcons look toward their 2010 campaign, many people that were apart of the team want to forget what happened in the championship game against Archbishop Wood. Instead, Terrell wants to remember that game and make sure that next year is a totally different story. “I personally would like to get to where we were and go beyond so we can achieve something special.” With his mind set in place for next fall, and offers flowing in from almost every major school in the northeast, Terrell knows what’s expected of him from his senior year and beyond. Chestnut has no timetable set for his decision and hopes to find a school with the same winning attitude he possesses.