John Cena Vs. Batista, Chris Jericho Vs. Edge: Worthwhile Main Events?

Jason donnellyContributor IFebruary 28, 2010

After a crushing six-foot drop at the hands of one of the most destructive forces in professional wrestling, Batista stood in victory claiming his second WWE title and ending the short-lived eighth reign of John Cena in a span of just a few minutes.

With the final piece of the Bret Hart-Vince McMahon feud in place the match is set up to main event the 26th anniversary of Wrestlemania. But will it be a good main event?

And what of Jericho and Edge? Is Edge in a good enough condition to compete in an event of this kind in such a short period of time? Lets take a look... 


JOHN CENA vs. BATISTA for The WWE Championship  

When the names of these of these two WWE behemoths come to mind they are usually accompanied by another name: overrated.

Since their debuts, whilst they have increased in size and charisma, they have left their skill behind, but lets face it, in the WWE charisma and image is what is important, not skill, don't believe me? ask Shelton Benjamin

With McMahon keeping his golden boy John Cena on top at all costs, he is shoved to the back of our throats week in and week out by the barrel full.

Not only is it assured that he is bound to make an appearance each week, it is also very unlikely that he will not receive a clean loss of any sort without some kind of interference.

His promos are boring, annoying, and predictable and his limited moveset can make matches against lacklustre opponents a bore, so it takes skilled competitors such as Randy Orton to make Cena look any good.

So is it really that hard to believe that there actually are wrestling fans out there who don't like the man?

Batista on the other hand? Not too shabby. Of course like Cena, there is a greater emphasis on his image than actual skill but he plays the role of a destructive animal quite well.

Let's face it, if he had remained a face he would be just plain boring, for one he is obviously better at coming out and causing mayhem than acting like the horrible but friendly animal.

So why would people want to see the match? Easy, The Cena lovers in there millions will flock just to see him take his shirt off, while the haters will watch in hopes that Batista beats the s*** out of him (me included).

But does that make it worthwhile of a Wrestlemania main event? The quality of both a John Cena and Batista match is determined by the men they face. So how will they fare when they face each other?  

Don't get me wrong, i'm not a hardcore TNA fan who wants the WWE to fail epically on the grandest stage of them all, in fact quite the opposite. If the WWE manages to pull it of, than great! if not than at least Y2J vs. Edge will be (quote the Miz) AWESOME! 


CHRIS JERICHO VS. EDGE for The World Heavyweight Championship

Being sidelined for over several months after a career ending torn Achilles tendon the wait is over and the ultimate opportunist is back.

When news spread across the internet that Adam Copeland would be back in working condition as soon as the Royal Rumble the end result was imminent.

Since his return Edge has received a great crowd reaction, it seems as though anyone who considers Jericho an enemy automatically becomes the good guy.

For those who have been living under a rock for the past year or so, allow me to fill you in. At The Bash in late June after Chris Jericho failed to both defend the Intercontinental championship and de-mask Rey Mysterio, he made a complaint to Smackdown general manager Teddy Long as well as Edge who was frustrated at the current situation concerning the world heavyweight title.

Later that night, both men received the opportunity to join the Colons and The Legacy in a match for the unified tag team championship and managed to score the titles.

Not long after, Edge received his injury and his time of work while Chris Jericho began complaining about how his partner was the weak link.

Chris Jericho than found a new partner in the worlds largest athlete and defended the titles on numerous occasions against teams such as The Legacy, MVP and Mark Henry and even Batista and Rey Mysterio.

Of course they than lost the championships to DX and Jericho won the WHC at The Elimination Chamber PPV.    

As stated above in my opinion the match should be great. Both men are excellent ring and mic workers and are likely to keep us on the edge of our seats from beginning to end. But is Edge actually a face?

For starters I haven't really seen him do anything that defines him as a good guy. Sure he had a few matches against Batista and The Miz, but the guys are both assholes, so who wouldn't want to snap some sense into them?

Anyway, thanks for reading, please leave any comments you might have (good or bad) because I'd love to hear them.