WWE Can You At Least Tell Us A Decent Story? Part 1

The PhantomCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2010

On this past Friday Night Smackdown episode, we saw the WWE mix it up a bit in the MITB qualifying matchups. Dolph Ziggler pick up a rather surprising win against R-Truth and John Morrison to earn a spot at this year's Wrestlemania MITB ladder match. We also saw Kane put away Drew Mcintyre(quite a surprise to me any way) in a solid match up.

But the reason for me writing this article is due to the last qualifying match we saw between CM Punk and Shelton Benjamin. As you might have already know Shelton Benjamin picked up the win, due to interference by Rey Mysterio, to punch his ticket to Wrestlemania.

In my opinion this could have been a great match, but the flow seemed off, even when Mysterio interfered. The match was not bad or even the worse match up of the night, its just I expected more from them in turns of excitement with the names involved. Watching the match made me question the effort the WWE puts into building up midcard feuds and storylines.

It seems clear now that the WWE is leaning to have CM Punk face Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemainia in some kind of stipulation match. But why? What is the story behind it? The WWE is starting to just abandon storylines when it comes to feuds not involving the world title or a major main event star.

When the fans do receive a lower card feud, it becomes stretched out and boring, case in point Mickie James being fat angle(Now heading into its 4 month, so sad). To a larger point Shelton Benjamin just got done beating CM Punk, but you give him little to no mention, but instead promote a rivalry that just sort of happen.

The writing and creative team of the WWE is in a relax state. They just go with a story just to have one. Long gone are the days were feuds set up other feuds and happenings. This has cause the whole entire lower card of the company's PPV to be consider a huge bathroom break or a snooze fest.

Even the Elimination Chamber lower card offered nothing to be desired, and we even saw two matchups just spring up out of now where. MVP vs. The Miz and Gail Kim and Maryse vs. Michelle McCool and Layla.

To make matter's worse The Miz and MVP and Gail Kim and Maryse can produce decent to good feuds when given the chance to do so. However the staff have seem to become lazy and crank out half cooked storylines, resulting in MVP being mad at The Miz for some reason unknown, or known to little, and Maryse trash talking Gail Kim in French, thinking Gail has no idea what she is talking about.

If we are lucky and the feud can escape all the things I mention, we still have suffer through a squash match in the final battle or a flat out horrible match up.

The WWE I believe has all the talent needed to put on classic matchups and big feuds that can lead to something special. Wrestlers like Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, MVP, Christian, R-Truth, Carlito, John Morrison, The Miz, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Maryse, and Gail Kim; are all capable of putting on a five star classic however they can't if the creative team are holding them back.

Because in the end the wrestlers can go and lay it all out on the line, but what’s the point if the company that’s behind them won't go all out and put out a decent storyline for them?

- Phantom Out