TNA: Impact React Volume Seven

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2010

Welcome welcome to the seventh edition of TNA Impact React. Your weekly source for all the news and rumors within TNA Wrestling. This week was sadly not a big one when it comes to news. I imagine as we draw nearer to the Mar. 8 edition of iMPACT , things will heat up.

Let's head into this weeks news!

Farewell To The Icon?

Sting hasn't been seen since a short cameo on the Jan. 4 live iMPACT . From what I've heard, his name hasn't been mentioned during behind the scenes and creative meetings inside TNA. If he doesn't show up on the Mar. 8 iMPACT , it's a good sign that Sting could be done with the company.

If he is done then it's probably the end of his career. He's certainly had a lengthy one and a very memorable one. I would say that he's arguably the biggest name never to step foot in a WWF/E ring. Sting was always an NWA/WCW guy and really helped that company for many years.

His run in TNA probably wasn't the best he could have done but he did have some moments here and there. Not to mention it probably didn't hurt to have someone like him in the locker room to help out younger guys.

Smooth Sailing Backstage?

Current reports are saying that Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan have settled into TNA and have been much more easy going backstage. They've kept their egos in check and it seems like maybe now they can hit their stride as far as running things. Though the booking lately has been pretty odd. Maybe this is a sign that Vince Russo's days are numbered as TNA Head Booker.

SPIKE Unhappy

SPIKE TV executives are not happy with the footage cut from TNA iMPACT earlier this month featuring Orlando Jordan's boy toy feeling him up. They didn't like how close he was to Jordan's groin section as it was overtly sexual. With no one outside of TNA and SPIKE having seen the footage, one would imagine it must have been pretty risque.

Eric Bischoff is big on Orlando Jordan and wants to push him. I've already expressed my concern over this as I don't feel he's the type of talent to really put this much faith into. He has no past experience with running with a big angle or gimmick. Right now though it appears others are unhappy nut if Bischoff is in charge, he'll probably get his way.

Nasty Months Ahead?

Apparently the Nasty Boys want a lengthy program with Team 3D. However Team 3D want the angle to end sooner rather than later. The matches certainly aren't setting the wrestling world on fire and I doubt that the Nasty Boys are bringing in views by the bunch.

TNA is really going to have to put their foot down when it comes to this and make a decision on the matter quickly. With Knobbs and Sags close with Hogan it will be hard to see them leaving so soon but it's probably for the best. They're a nostalgia act and those only work in short bursts, not an extended dose. Better to have them leave now before the fans really turn on them and then stop tuning in when TNA moves to Monday Nights. No one is going to pick the Nasty Boys over Monday Night RAW .


TNA has come to a working agreement with AAA wrestling in Mexico. This comes after problems between the two following the leaving of Konnan who had many problems with TNA. Right now it's not known if AAA will send workers to TNA but TNA is sending talent to AAA.

Appearing on AAA's Triplemania which is one of their biggest shows will be Ken Anderson who's being advertised as Mr. Kennedy and Lacey Von Erich. Anderson will be a four way match for AAA's top singles championship. Though just before I finished writing this article I saw that Von Erich is no longer being advertised for the show.

AAA has some really good wrestlers including Mesias who is the former Judas Mesias. I for one would love for him to return, with James Mitchell of course.

Sadly TNA didn't work out a deal with Mexico's biggest promotion, CMLL. This could have seen Mistico come to American. However, AAA could give TNA a boost when it comes to another World X Cup or just new wrestlers looking for experience in America.

Bubba Goes Bye Bye

I really hate giving this guy space in my column but it's news related to TNA...ughh.

Bubba The Love Sponge is done with TNA following the incident involving Awesome Kong. Sponge announced that he may seek legal action against TNA as he feels that the incident could effect his reputation as a radio personality. To be honest, he's a low brow shock jock. What reputation is there to be damaged?

House Shows Sticking Around

Word was going around that Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan wanted to cut house shows from TNA's schedule until the promotion builds itself up with the Monday night iMPACT's . however since the company did strong attendance numbers during the months of December 2009 and January 2010, the house shows will be staying.

I don't know what the attendance numbers were but they must have been decent because usually you hear some absolutely dismal numbers. For whatever reason, TNA runs big arena so when they only get 1,200 people in a 12,000 seat arena, it doesn't look good.

TNA has come where I live twice for house shows but I attended neither. From what I heard they did get some solid attendance numbers but they stayed away from the arenas here. One was inside a convention center and the other was outdoors. Maybe that's a sound strategy in bigger cities where they can't possibly sell out big arenas.

TNA Quick Bits

- Ric Flairs recent personal troubles with his wife don't look to have any negative effect on his position in TNA or TNA itself.

- Bischoff and Hogan want to give Abyss a gimmick makeover which may be why Abyss is getting the rub by tagging with Hogan on the upcoming iMPACT relaunch on Monday nights.

- TNA is really pushing Lockdown as they will be offer travel packages much like the WWE does for Wrestlemania.

- The latest edition of iMPACT was the lowest rated since Hulk Hogan joined the company.

Problems With PPV

Since we're out of news and rumors for this week, I wanted to take the time to discuss a problem I have with wrestling PPV's. This extends to both TNA and the WWE but TNA is doing it right now. With so much emphasis and hype being put on Lockdown, they seem to be forgetting that there is another PPV event before it, Destination X.

Frequently wrestling promotions will use PPV's as "throw aways" in order to simply advance storylines and hype up the next big one. This is a byproduct of the fact that we have monthly PPV's and in some cases, more than one a month.

Both companies should really look at elimination PPV's to put the focus on their big ones. The WWE used to revolve around the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and Survivor Series. Now they don't even have Survivor Series anymore and instead we get dulled down gimmick PPV's.

TNA has their focused centered around Lockdown, Slammiversary, Bound For Glory, and maybe one other like Final Resolution or Genesis. With TNA blatantly looking past Destination X, it might be better to cut down to eight PPV's for the year.

That makes TV more important as well as the remaining PPV's. With TNA typically receiving poor buy rates for their PPV's, it might make sense to cut their loses and go with a new strategy. I'm sure the fans would appreciate better PPV's so they feel that their money is actually getting it's value for the product they receive.

Myself, personally, I've never been one to order a lot of wrestling PPV's so I'm very picky about what I get. I'll always get the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania but when it comes to others, many times it just seems like it's not worth it.

With PPV rematches frequently happening the following night or week on TV, sometimes it's more like "What's the point?". With the competition between TNA and WWE heating up in the coming weeks, now more than ever they need to step up and increase the quality of their product.

That means both on TV and PPV. With the economy down, people don't have disposable cash to use on every single wrestling PPV.

Thanks for joining me this week for Impact React. Join me again next week for more news and rumors as we approach Destination X and the beginning of the Monday night era in TNA. Have a great week everyone!


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