Hogan, Flair vs. Magic of WWE, TNA's Genius Vince Russo Talks Down to the Fans

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2010

“If Ric Flair's wife can beat him up, I know I can!” said Hulk Hogan this week.

On March 8 , Ric Flair leaves behind the tremendous send off WWE gave him two years ago at WrestleMania. He will come out of retirement, to join AJ Styles in a match against Hulk Hogan and Abyss.

Hogan was doing an interview for 101.1 ESPN , as NoDQ.com reported, and he was referring to an alleged “disagreement” last week between Flair and his wife (TMZ), which led to Flair’s wife being arrested and charged with assault.

The jury is still out on whether Ric Flair wrestling in a TNA ring is anything other than a big “F—U” (or its PG version, “Attitude Adjustment") to WWE.

However, the far more relevant point to be gleaned out of this news is that while WWE will be having magician Criss Angel (who?) as their guest host on that night, TNA will be presenting Flair and Hogan, in the same ring.

TNA wants to introduce their programming to any WWE viewers who might well be suffering from boredom on the night, and they could not have gotten a better shot at it, especially considering just seven days later, Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his return to the WWE.

With regards to the match itself, there are many questions to be asked, and have probably come up already.

Will Hogan and Flair be able to perform in the ring? Yes and no. They will be able to hit some of their signature spots, and expect Hogan to bump a bit for Flair.

That said, does it matter that Hogan and Flair passed their prime a long time ago? No, not one little bit.

AJ Styles and Abyss have had some great encounters in the past, especially in the earlier days of TNA. 

And whether you love or hate the “new” AJ Styles, he could wrestle a plastic doll and still make an entertaining match out of it.


All’s Fair in Love Sponges and Kong Wars

TNA’s star women’s attraction, Awesome Kong, claims that radio personality and TNA announcer Bubba the Love Sponge phoned her in the middle of the night from a blocked number and threatened to "sucker punch" her until she stopped breathing," adding, "You'll be dead like all those other n****** in Haiti you fat black b****!"

Kong has not only sued Bubba, but also AT&T for refusing to supply the subscriber identification of the blocked call.

As it stands, it seems Kong has no solid proof the caller was indeed Bubba. However, her suit against AT&T should provide the identity of the caller.

Bubba meanwhile said on his show that he is “done with TNA,” and is considering suing TNA, in spite of his friendship with Hogan.


Vince Russo: It’s Not My Fault, You Just Don’t Understand How It Works!

Vince Russo, TNA’s head writer was on The Pain Clinic earlier in the week. He sure aired his pain, whilst trying to prove that he did not cause wrestling fans a world of pain.

Here are some of the points he made, courtesy of Wrestlezone.com:

The “Fire Russo” chants at TNA’s Lockdown PPV a few years ago during an “electrified” cage match? He said beforehand that the concept was not believable, but he was not head of TNA Creative back then.

My Take: Damn those higher ups. Jeff Jarrett was always about crazy concepts like electric cages and pole matches. Or was he?

When he was interviewed for the job at WCW, WWF was killing WCW in the ratings. Russo said it would take years to turn things around, but WCW expected immediate results.

Yes, the events at Bash at the Beach screamed "RATINGS."

Russo said he wanted Hall/Nash to show up at a taping drunk; Standards & Practices said they couldn’t get drunk but Hall could drink Nyquil and get a buzz off of that.

So Russo thought two drunken baddies would make for must-see TV?

Normally, I would fight for any man’s right to be inebriated. In Scott Hall’s case, I would strongly want to make an exception.

WWE’s show is “terrible.”

Constructive criticism indeed. Only nitpickers like Bischoff actually outline a few of their complaints about the product. Russo sums it up in one word.

Russo said he’d rather throw a hundred things at the wall and have 90 things not work than go through the motions week after week putting on the same show.

I want to say there is a method to his madness, but after Abyss became TNA’s answer to the Green Lantern this week, I’m not so sure.

Russo says he tried to wrestle; when WCW asked him for ratings, he said due to all the pressure, he went out, became an on-screen character and wrestled.

We would love to know which great mind thought Vince Russo wrestling meant ratings.

Russo says at the end of the day, there are so many people involved in every segment.

He doesn't respect any of the wrestling websites. It's a collaborative process and wrestlers are included every step of the way; not just in what they do in the ring and the finish, but they get involved on a creative level. Then, you have the agents laying out of the match.

He says when the criticism comes, those writing about it (Internet sites) just don't have a clue how it really works behind the scenes.

See? It is NOT just Russo’s fault. There’s the agents, the sound guys, the tea lady, the caterers, the security guys who keep breaking up fights...don’t just blame Russo.


Eric Bischoff Makes Sense

Bischoff’s Facebook Q & As make for much less embarrassing reading, compared to Russo’s recent try at Internet feedback. Easy E’s latest batch of answers included a nice comment about WWE:

On WWE Replacing ECW with NXT “I think it was a smart move. While I haven't seen the show yet, my understanding is that the format is unique and it will be a platform to introduce new talent.”

That is all for this week, TNHoganheads.  Work is piling up, but I will be back when I can. Do comment on Hogan and Flair returning, Russo being smarter than all of us, and just about anything else you would like mention.

Thanks for reading!

Image Credit: TNAWrestling.com


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