NY Yankees Lacking Heart: Not Mike Mussina Though- Ruins Sox Sweep. Joba IS NEXT

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IJuly 5, 2008

Washington DC

July 5th, 2008

On a dark and gloomy overcast day, Mighty Mike Mussina provided ”rays" of hope, going six strong shut out innings leading to a Yankee 2 to 1 win over the powerhouse that is the Boston offense.

Mike Mussina improved to a Yankee's best 11 wins, and 3.64 ERA.  He threw 89 pitches, 56 which were knee buckling strikes, while walking only one and whiffing five.  A true magic act, Mussina painted the edges all day while only hitting Manny Ramirez twice. It wasn't as bad as beating up an older gentlemen just doing his job, something that Mussina respects.

Girardi nervously took him out after 6 innings.  Thankfully a failing offense was able to put up another run too, because Mariano almost blew it again, loading the bases full in the ninth with no outs, but remains nearly perfect instead.

Many fans questioned Mussina's dominance after his third year being injured last season.  I always defend Mr. Mussina, because he has 3 of the last 6 lowest team ERAs, and when healthy he has thrown over 200 innings each year.  Healthy he is and leading the starting rotation in wins and low ERAs, for those that began the season in the rotation anyhow. 

Mike has also snapped a myriad of brooms in attempted sweeps this year, including by the Indians, and Rays, along with splintering the potential for a Sox sweep too. I call him Mike, never Moose at games.  If you've been there to see him, it sounds like "boooo" when fans chant Mooooose.  So, there I am shouting Lets Go Mike!

My concern was like many "fans," who some out of extreme desperation called for his head during the off season, because he was hurt last year, and lost velocity.  Mr. Mighty Magic Act had the answer all along though, saying "I know I have lost some speed, so I took speed off all my other pitches too. And it has had some success."  Just a simple answer from the Stanford Graduate, what a magician this "Yankee Freak" is, who is a "pitchers' pitcher" and a hard man for a "power pitcher" to follow.

Hank would do well re-singing Moose, Pettitte and Giambi for next year, instead of following a vast minority of fans who are calling for each of their heads, and money.  This season would be a lot harder for those fans had these three "best on the team" not been in Pinstripes.  Giambi, who was shown he is all heart, has overcome adversity, and may win Comeback Kid of the Year...again. He is crushing the ball, leading the team in run production with less at-bats then most.  Pettitte is a self professed Pitchers' Pitcher too, who doesn't thrive on emotion, and is needed on this team.  Without "Lefty" the Yanks have not won a championship ring yet, and tout four when his team mate. 

Without Moose the Yanks would not have a record holding 14 consecutive post season appearances.  His last magic act was in 2006, when Wang was injured along with most others, he pulled the team through firing the lowest ERA with the most wins that year as well.  The only seasons he hasn't been the team leading low ERA man, were injury years. The other three years he has ruled.  He isn't injured this year either, and as easily predicted, he has the most wins and the lowest seasons' ERA...again. 

If Hank needs to save the "fans money" that much, the he would be wise to fire "Cash-man" and his pick, Carl Pavano.  Along with firing some others, who would free up spots in the line up, the Yankees could be a winner again. I don't agree with selling out the farm either, but that doesn't mean that kids have to take the joint over.

Joba's New Rules:

Time to take off the micro-management twisting on this kid.  He, unlike Pettitte, is a power pitcher who has the ability to feed off emotion propelling this talent to new Yankee heights, and in anticipation of all around him.  Posada, that means he calls his own pitches, and you stop the visits to the mound which only serve to damage his confidence, something all power pitchers rely on.  I know it might be frustrating at times, I caught too.  But the pitcher gets the W or L for good reason, and he knows his stuff better than any.

On the job training is for the off season, and yes, he could be a "pitchers' pitcher" too.  He is that good and has the arsenal to be just that, but being this young and this healthy means one thing, he is a phenom.  Stop slowing him down, because it doesn't matter what you think is important to him at all. 

He is a fire-baller, and as evidence by his emotion in the pen, he wants to do it his way, while throwing blazing heat and big swoop.  All players, especially pitchers, had the ego when young too.  Not all care about catchers, who are the field captain because they see the whole field.  Holding him down, in an attempt to make him what he is not, does no one any good what so ever.

He should be starting his counts off with high, and inside heat that scares everyone around the plate, including the umpire.  His second pitch should be a curve ball thrown at the batters ear, buckling his knees, and dropping in for a no contest strike called.  Period.  We've all seen him do it, and that is what he wants to do, so let him.

He has the best mentor around already, who he text messages everyday, in The Rocket -who is the best of this era, hands down. 

Matter of fact, Clemens is still listed as a free agent, which means The Rocket is ready and wants in.  Don't tell me he is a cheater either, lest I dress down the Hall but good.  There are plenty of cheaters and, or liars in that Hall right now; and unless someone can explain to me what a "magic flu shot" is, the Hall is a joke.  I could mention a myriad of players who deserve to be there, and broke no laws other than baseball "rules," made only to protect what? Other generations, because it certainly doesn't preserve the truth. Kids? Please, with late term abortion legal, and schools providing the education to make it possible; dont tell me the government has any interest at all in kids.  Follow the money, because that is what propell this government...money.

The Hall is there to inspire and teach us the history of the game.  I could start with the Black Sox, who were exonerated officially, but not by baseball.  Shoeless Joe Jackson should, by all means, be in the Hall.  I have been there many times, and know all the stories.  Jackson was one of the best, and his story lives on regardless of what writers vote, or the Hall tries to hide from us all.

I could mention Peter Rose, a favorite from my youth, who broke no laws too.  And could go through and tell you all the players who have taken greenies (amphetamines) and steroids since they were around in the 1950s.  These are not illegal drugs; no laws were broken, even by those in the Hall right now; other than they way they were obtained by crooks like Brian McNamee. 

What about Maris and Munson.  Roger Maris (half the M&M Boys, the one without any abscesses) held the HR crown for more than 30 years, and deserves to join his ball in the hall.  Munson died at age 31, well before his time, and he was the first Yankee Captain since Lou Gherig for good reason.  500 average in the post season, with two rings means something.  He ought to be voted in as an honorary member by the veterans committee.  He was the greates trajedy, dying that way, in all my life.

It is time for the Rocket to come back, let the red glare steam, and retire with some dignity and class, which he deserves. Certainly Boston would agree that his best years were when on their team.  K K K K K K K K - all over the place in Fenway, or has Boston forgotten that part?  Jealousy does no good for baseaball, nor baseball fans.

Unless the Yankees want to let  George Mitchell (whose "report's" credibility was shredded in McNamee's deposition) manage their team now too.  Yeah, McNamee, who is a real criminal, and felon was the only one who actually broke any laws, yet is free...good job Mitchell and Waxman.  It was the biggest sales job of all that wasn't supposed to look into the past (RIGHT MITCHELL?), and did not serve anything for society, other than for owners because The Rocket made too much money.  Well Hank, either don't pay your team taxes to the Feds out of not being represented by your country, or hire Clemens quick -I think his market is down now.

Get Clemens back on the team, and bring him home ASAP.  He was a 4.5 last year, lower than most this year and while being injured; and if it matters to have an ace in the set up role...check his first two innings splits.  He is less than a 1 ERA in the first 2 innings, that is IF the set up role is really so important. He would pitch one or two innings in relief.

Free the Rocket-man, and let's win a game for a change. You grabbed him last year for good reason, all injuries aside he was what we needed, and what the youthful “kids” need too, a teacher. And, of course, he is the Rocket, man! Pays for itself through marketing alone.        


By the way, Happy 78th Birthday weekend to Geroge Steinbrenner, the king.